Elizabeth Arden Great 8 Reviews

Elizabeth Arden Great 8 Reviews – [Ultimate Guide of 2022]

The daily skincare routine contains a lot of products, at least four. This sometimes becomes irritating because of the lack of time or hassles of maintaining all these products. In this case, having an all-in-one product is really a blessing. 

But you won’t find many products that can handle everything alone. 

However, a year ago, I came through such a product that is made to replace almost everything in your daily skincare routine- Elizabeth Arden said so. Yes, the product is from Elizabeth Arden and it is called Eight Hour® Great 8™ Daily Defense Moisturizer Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 35. 

Besides moisturizing benefits, it comes with seven different other benefits to remove the hassle of maintaining your daily skincare routine. Applying it alone is enough to protect against pollution, sun rays, blue light, and infrared rays. Besides it comes with hydrating, brightening, purifying, and oil-controlling properties. 

Seems interesting, right? 

I was interested in it too and started using it. Now I’ll be sharing my experience with Elizabeth Arden Great 8

But we should know a bit about Elizabeth Arden first.

About Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden is a well-known brand for beauty and skincare products. The brand was established by Elizabeth Arden whose actual name was Florence Nightingale Graham. She was a Canadian lady who moved to New York City and started her Red Door Salon in 1910. 

The journey of her Red Door Salon and Elizabeth Arden brand was based on a single belief- beauty should come from the inside. This is why she used to develop products that are focused on bringing out the inner beauty instead of just coating the skin. 

Right now, you’ll find beauty and skincare products, fragrances, and gift items under this brand. 

Elizabeth Arden Great 8 Review

Elizabeth Arden Great 8 Reviews


A product that can replace almost all the different products of your skincare routine should come with a lot of effective ingredients, right?

Eight Hour® Great 8™ Daily Defense comes with Deep Sea Organism Ferment to protect and soothe your skin against harsh environmental exposure. To keep your skin calm, it also contains White Horehound Flower Extract that fights oxidative stress. It also reduces the impact of blue light and pollution.

African Whitewood Tree Bark Extract in it focuses on reducing extra oil from the skin and minimizing pores. 

It contains a Japanese Blood Grass Extract that hydrates skin. 

Also, to work on the look of your skin, it comes with Vitamin E Analog that purifies and gives a radiant look. With it, Clary Sage makes sure that your skin tone is even. 


It comes in a white tube with a silver-colored cap. I like the design of the tube.

The moisturizer is a gel-type one that is easy to apply to the skin. 


Elizabeth Arden asks to apply it just after a cleanser every day. So, I was using it every day before going to work. 

Application is very easy, just like any moisturizer. Take some on your fingertips and spread them on your face evenly. And the application is done.

Elizabeth Arden Great 8 results

The Result

It gets inside the skin very smoothly. It instantly moisturizes the skin.  Also, it was there on my skin for a long time. But unlike many other sunscreens, it didn’t leave any residue or white cast on my skin. So, I was very satisfied with it after the first use.

But I was eager to see the result after a week as Elizabeth Arden claims that it improves the appearance of the skin within a week.

Well, I was really happy to see that within a week, I got more radiant skin with less sunburn. My expectation was more to see the confidence of Elizabeth Arden, but what I saw was okay too. 

Within a month, I didn’t see any damage caused by leaving my old sunscreen. It was protecting my skin just like a good sunscreen. Besides, it was similarly hydrating my skin and improving the skin tone. So, I fall in love with this. 

So, I continued using it. It helped me to avoid the hassle of maintaining a long skincare routine for the daytime. 

But one day, I heard that Elizabeth Arden has discontinued the product. I don’t know why they’ve decided to discontinue such a good product but that was not a good decision for the users.

Overall, this is a great product that comes with a lot of benefits. But as it is not available right now, it can do nothing for us.

Pick it or not?

Right now, there is no chance of picking this product. But if someday Elizabeth Arden continues it again, you should try this. It’ll make your skincare much easier, I swear. It is a true all-in-one product for skincare.

I’m still waiting for it and hoping someday Elizabeth Arden will continue the product. 

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