Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Eye Gel Review

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Eye Gel Review of [2022]

As a very delicate skin compared to the skin of other parts of your face, the skin around your eyes suffers the most for your stressed life and pollution. That’s why it requires extra attention when you’re taking care of other parts of your skin.

Your regular facial cream is beneficial for your eyes, but it is not enough. You need something that is specially made for your eyes. That is where the eye creams come. These are specially made focusing on the delicate skin around your eyes. 

To help you in taking care of the skin around your eyes, Elizabeth Arden offers a great eye gel called Flawless Future eye gel. It comes with a strong formula that is there to protect and improve the specific area around your eyes. 

I know you need eye cream and that’s what brings you here. Don’t worry because I’ll be sharing my experience with you just after talking a bit about Elizabeth Arden. So, stay with me.

About Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden is a brand established by Elizabeth Arden, originally named Florence Nightingale Graham. Her birthplace is Canada but later she moved to New York City. There she started her Red Door Salon in 1910.

Florence was focused on improving the beauty of women from the inside. She was not willing to just coat skin from outside with a lot of products. So, she started developing products focusing on bringing out the inner beauty and being effective in the long term.

With her innovative ideas, Elizabeth Graham is considered one of the pioneers of the American Beauty Industry. Now, under the brand name, you’ll find a lot of makeup and beauty products and gift items.

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Eye Gel Review

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Eye Gel Review


Flawless Future products from Elizabeth Arden are designed to fight the impacts of your hectic lifestyle on your skin. That’s why these are infused with some strong ingredients. The eye gel is not different. 

It comes with an effective blend of Ceramide that replenishes the ceramide lost due to aging and stress. Also, it comes with trademarked Telosense (protein complex) that reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Licorice extract and Adenosine works for boosting collagen, lightening the skin tone, and reducing dullness. 

It comes with multiple optical diffusers to reduce the presence of fine lines, wrinkles, and imperfections instantly after the application. Sodium Hyaluronate provides and holds moisture to make the skin around your eyes plumped. 

Also, you can’t ignore Vitamin E Acetate that handles the free radical damages. 


For the best result, take some of this gel on your fingertips and gently pat it around the eye contour. Focus on the outer or most affected area. 

Flawless Future Eye Gel Review

The Result

I used to use the eye cream every night before going to bed so that it gets enough time to fix the issues without any outside issues. 

The instant impact after the application was great. The use of multiple optical diffusers helps it to reduce the appearance of imperfections and small lines. Also, it was feeling very hydrating. So, I was satisfied with it after the first application. 

The next morning, there were not any noticeable differences. 

I was using it every night. After a week, I noticed that small fine lines around my eyes have almost vanished. Also, the skin was looking bit plumper. The differences were not huge to notice easily. But carefully examining helped me to understand that the overall condition was far better than before. 

After two weeks, the improvement was visible. I was seeing much healthier skin around my eyes. The impacts of stress were almost gone. I was very glad to see the improvement.

Within a month, it removed all the stress marks. The black spots, dark circles, wrinkles, and fine lines were almost gone. In fact, a close look could only identify the issues. 

After such a huge improvement, I started using it every alternate night. Still, it was working great and I didn’t see any noticeable difference in the progress. So, I decided to continue the routine. 

Overall, it was really great to use this eye gel from Elizabeth Arden. It influenced me to try other Flawless Future products and I did that. I’ll talk about those someday. 

This eye gel is a bit costly. Except for this, I love everything about it.

Pick it or not

Considering the expensive price tag, I’d suggest picking it up and using it every alternate day. It comes with a handful of benefits for the skin around your eyes. So, spending around forty bucks is worth it. 

If the price doesn’t matter and your eye areas need to be improved, go pick it right now. You won’t find many eye creams as effective as this one. 

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