Erno Laszlo Hydra Therapy Boost Serum Review

Erno Laszlo Hydra Therapy Boost Serum Review – Explained

Having a serum that boosts up the hydration of the skin is a must if you have dry skin. A hydrating serum can boost up the moisture of your skin and make it look better. Thus, besides dryness, it can reduce redness, itchiness, and breaking your skin. 

You’ll find many serums for boosting up the level of hydration of your skin. But all of those are not similarly effective. Besides, some are better at helping your skin to retain the hydration gained. 

Focusing on all these factors, I’m suggesting you something. The Hydra-Therapy Boost Serum from Erno Laszlo is something that you should try once at least. 

I’ve used it for my dry skin and it was amazing. Besides making my skin plumper, it helped me to look better. Now, I’m sharing my experience of using this great serum. This will let you make a decision easily. 

About Erno Laszlo

Erno Laszlo is a beauty and skincare brand started by Dr. Laszlo, a skincare specialist. He was working for many big names at that time. His innovative and unique ideas about skincare have made him one of the celebrity specialists of that time.

He started his first institute in Budapest in 1927. So, it can be called the official starting point of the journey of Erno Laszlo. From the very beginning, Erno Laszlo was focused on improving the confidence of women by helping them with better appearance.

Dr. Laszlo was the inventor of a lot of firsts in the beauty and skincare industry. His brand Erno Laszlo has continued some of his most effective skincare and beauty formulas and serving us with those for a long time. 

Erno Laszlo Hydra Therapy Boost Serum Review

Erno Laszlo Hydra Therapy Boost Serum Review


Though it is mainly a hydrating serum, it comes with ingredients for many other benefits too. 

To deliver hydration and keep your skin plumped, it comes with fatty acids and lipids. Besides, it has Babassu seed oil that contains vitamin E. Vitamin E provides a lot of benefits including moisturizing, soothing, and refreshing skin. Vitamin E also nourishes the skin and leaves it smoother. 

Also, it comes with Sea Fennel that works on the skin texture and reduces fine lines. 


The Hydra therapy boost serum comes with a pinkish color and thick appearance. It has a smooth texture that feels oily when touched.

It comes in a clear bottle with a silver-colored cap. Overall appearance seems good to me.


To apply the serum, take a bit on your fingertips and put several dots on your face. Then softly rub it all over the face except your eyes. Do it until it gets absorbed in your skin properly.

The Result

After the first application, I was satisfied with the performance. 

It got absorbed in the skin quickly, ensured instant hydration to my skin, and left my skin looking better and plumper. There was nothing much to expect from a hydrating serum at the first use. So, I was satisfied. 

But there was another thing to check- how long the hydration stays on the skin. 

Well, so I waited till it was evening. 

I was using a moisturizer at the time that was good enough for daytime protection. However, every evening after coming back home, I used to find my skin dull and dry.

But the day I’ve used this serum, my skin was much better in the evening. Though it was not as plump as the morning when I used it, it was not that dry like every day too. 

I continued using and kept my eyes on the improvement. 

Within a week, it removed the dryness of my skin and filled it with a lot of hydration. As a result, my skin was feeling smoother. Issues associated with dryness also left my skin. Thus, within a week, it gave me a way better skin. 

Still, I didn’t see any anti-aging benefit. 

I started seeing that my skin was being lifted a bit. I wasn’t very sure about it. However, I was sure that it removed a lot of fine lines from my skin and ensured a smoother appearance. 

Overall, I found the Hydra-Therapy serum from Erno Laszlo is a good one for the overall improvement of your skin. Though the price is a bit high, picking it is still worth it. 

Pick it or not?

You’ve already got my suggestion. Picking it for your dry skin is worth it. It ensures a lot of benefits besides hydrating your skin. To me, it is a package that comes with all the necessary benefits a serum should provide. 

If you think the price is huge for you, you can use it every alternate day. Doing this will help you to use it for a long time. However, in this process, you may have to wait a bit longer to receive the benefits properly. 

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