L Occitane Divine Harmony Reviews

L Occitane Divine Harmony Reviews of 2022 – [Explained]

Using serums is not an uncommon practice nowadays. We all use serums for many reasons. As the serum is full of active and essential ingredients concentrated highly, it works faster than moisturizers and others. 

There are several serums in the market for correcting the texture of your facial skin and giving you improved and younger skin. I would suggest Divine Harmony from L’Occitane if you’re looking for one. L’Occitane says that it is able to do a lot of things. 

But does it actually do what it says?

I’m going to answer this question in this article. I know how it performs because I’ve used it. 

It was my everyday serum for around six months. Later I switched to another because I like switching between products. Talking about the products I’ve used is my hobby. That’s why I’m talking about this serum review. This would help you to know it better and decide whether to pick it or not.

But I want to tell you something about L’Occitane too. 

About L’Occitane

The journey of L’Occitane was started by a 23 years old boy. He used to extract Rosemary Oil and sell that on the local market. With his knowledge about plants, he expanded the business. Now, under the name L’Occitane, you’ll see a lot of products under several categories including hand care, hair care, skincare, fragrance, and more.

Besides business, L’Occitane focuses on the sustainability of the environment and the development of the community from where the ingredients come. Thus, it is maintaining the responsibility of serving nature, the community, and the customers. 

L Occitane Divine Harmony Reviews


Divine Harmony is formulated by synchronizing the power of the earth and the sea. It comes with Immortelle Millesimee essential oil and Jania Rubens algae. 

Immortelle Millesimee essential oil is known for its nourishing properties. Besides, it is also effective in reducing fine lines and wrinkles and providing your skin with a smoother texture. Jania Rubens is very effective in regenerating skin cells. 

Together, with other ingredients, these two ingredients have made this serum an awesome product that helps you with the skin’s appearance.


The Divine Harmony serum comes in a small multi-colored bottle. The colors remind me of some magical oil or something. But I like it.

The serum is an off-whitish and thick liquid. The texture is smooth. 


To apply it, first clean your skin. Use a cleanser or clean water. Then, towel-dry the skin. 

Take several drops, maybe four to five drops, of the serum on your fingertips and apply them to your skin. Follow with a gentle massage that helps it to get absorbed properly in the skin. Don’t press much and don’t be tough on your skin. 

For better results, L’Occitane suggests using it twice every 24 hours. I’ve used it once, at night before going to sleep. 

The Result

Because of the thickness, I thought the serum would take time to get inside the skin. But surprisingly, it didn’t take that much time. Later I understood the reason. It comes with micro-drops of oil that have made this thick. But the drops break easily. So, when you apply it to the skin and massage, it doesn’t remain that thick. 

It doesn’t give any greasy feeling to your skin. Because of the oil, you may feel a bit of oiliness, but that doesn’t stay long.

After the application, the instant impact that I found was amazing. It hydrated my skin with insane moisture. It wasn’t looking funny or overhydrated. I got just the amount of hydration I need. So, the skin was feeling and looking plumped up. 

There was no impact on the skin texture and I knew it would take some time for it. But the overall experience of using it for the first time was pleasing. 

I started seeing the power of the combination of earth and sea after applying it for around 10-12 days. My skin was feeling more elastic than it was. I wasn’t that sure about it. But another improvement I found is the appearance of fine lines. 

The lines were smoother and less deep than those were. Also, some small damages were gone. And, obviously, the skin was staying hydrated most of the time. 

After a month, the improvement was insane. My skin was tighter with fewer aging signs. The visible improvement made others amazed, myself too. It gave me the skin that I was searching for.

Overall, I was satisfied with its performance. I’ve used it once a day. I guess if you use it twice a day, you’ll get the result faster. 

Pick It or Not?

I’ve talked about my experience with it. From my L’Occitane Divine Harmony Reviews, you’ve seen that it is an insane serum that works fast and gives a better skin with a smoother, plumper, and softer appearance. It also supports the aging signs for real.

So, now it is your time to make the decision about it. I would recommend this serum if you want to improve the appearance of your skin with the goodness of the earth and sea. I won’t disappoint you for sure. 

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