L Occitane Le Petit Remede Review

L Occitane Le Petit Remede Review [Ultimate Guide of 2022]

Balm was primarily used for healing pains in the joints. But nowadays, in the beauty industry, balms have several different uses. Starting from healing irritation to moisturizing dry skin, you’ll find balms for many purposes. As balm comes in small and travel-friendly packaging, these are loved by people. 

I love balms too. But carrying several types of balms with me all the time is not comfortable. It is a hassle. To get rid of the hassle, you need something that can do everything for you. 

I haven’t seen many balms doing this. Among the few balms that can be used for almost all types of issues, Le Petit Remede from L’Occitane is the best in my opinion. 

Using this balm is a relief because you don’t have to carry multiple cases of balm with you. I’ll be talking more about it in the review after talking a bit about L’Occitane.

About L’Occitane

The journey of this globally known brand started from a small village. The pioneer of this brand, Olivier Baussan, was a 23 years old boy then. With his knowledge about plants, he started distilling rosemary oil and selling that in the local market. 

Thus the brand started its journey. Right now, it is a brand of many products in skincare, hand care, hair care, fragrance, and several other segments.

L’Occitane is focused on using nature’s goodness to create the products. In the whole process, it takes care of nature’s sustainability and the development of the local community. Also, providing quality products is the drive of L’Occitane. 

L’Occitane Le Petit Remede Review


As it has to do a lot of things, Le Petit Remede comes with several important ingredients. It is rich in Organic Shea Butter that contains Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids. Omega 3 has soothing power when Omega 6 comes with nourishing properties.

Soothing is also done by the Lavender Essential Oil it is. Besides soothing, this oil spreads a calming and soothing smell. Organic Immortelle Essential Oil collected from Corsica is also in it which soothes the skin by its incredible antioxidant properties. Calendula Flower extract in it also soothes irritated skin. 

It also includes Sweet Almond Oil that has a moisturizing and softening ability. Besides, it can soothe the skin too. 


La Petit Remede comes in a very attractive yellow round pouch. I love the classic design of the pouch. Inside it, the balm is a thick oily compound that smells nice. The texture of the balm is smooth. 

I love the overall appearance. 


As it can be applied anywhere in your skin, just take an ample amount of it from the pouch and massage where you want to apply it. Make sure that you’re massaging it gently and smoothing it on your skin properly. This will allow it to easily get absorbed in your skin. 

Because of the thickness, you may think that there is less balm than there actually is. So, while applying, start from a very little amount. If the amount you’ve taken is not sufficient, you can always take some more. 


I’ve picked it because of its multi-purpose use. Let’s see what I’ve experienced.

L’Occitane says that it is perfect for moisturizing dry skin. So, I started using it to get rid of the insane dryness of winter. I was applying the Almond Supple Skin Oil that was working great. Just to check the effectiveness of the Le Petit Remede, I stopped using the almond oil on my arms for a few days and started applying it. 

It was great enough to heal my insane dryness issues. I’ve used several moisturizers previously on my dry skin and most of those were not capable of fighting the dryness. But compared to those, it was great. It kept my skin moisturized for around 6-7 hours which was pretty good.

Besides, it was able to take care of the irritation I was facing for the dryness. My irritated skin became calm and smooth within a few days. 

L’Occitane says that it can be used on lips too. So, I’ve used it on my lips as a lip balm. It was great in that case too. In most cases, lip balms should be applied frequently as spontaneous talking and eating erase the balm applied. But it gets absorbed quickly and there is less chance of getting erased. So, I didn’t have to apply it that frequently. 

Even you can use it to tame the flyaway of your hair. It can do it pretty well. 

Overall, using it is a really pleasant experience. It is a true all-in-one balm that can support you with almost any issue you may face on your skin. Starting from your lips to your hair, it can handle a lot of things. Besides, it comes with an amazing smell that would uplift your mind. 

According to the size, the price may seem a bit expensive. But for such a product, I’m ready to go the extra mile. 

Pick It or Not?

If you’re looking for an all-in-one moisturizing solution that you can carry everywhere, you should go for it. It comes with multiple soothing and moisturizing ingredients that have made it an awesome balm.

In this L’Occitane La Petit Remede review, I’ve shared my experience of using it in several cases. I hope this would be enough to help you in making a decision. Going for it is my suggestion. 

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