L Occitane Almond Shower Scrub Review

L Occitane Almond Shower Scrub Review – Ultimate Guides

Using scrub for your face is now normal. It washes away the dead skin cells from your facial skin and leaves it soft and smooth. But what about other body parts? There are dead skin cell accumulations in those parts too. 

For this, you should use a shower scrub. A shower scrub is a scrub made for your body. You have to apply it in the shower because that is the only time you wash all your body parts. This is why everyone calls it to shower scrub.

Shower scrub exfoliates the skin and helps you to get rid of dead skin cells in your body. Besides, most scrubs come with properties to soothe and soften the skin. 

If you want to use a shower scrub, let me help you with the selection. The Almond Shower Scrub from L’Occitane can be a good pick for you. I’ve used it recently and got a good experience from it. So, I think this shower scrub can be a good one for you. Let me talk more about it. But before that, I’m talking a bit about L’Occitane.

About L’Occitane

L’Occitane is a brand that has started its journey from a small village. The 23 years old boy who used to distill rosemary oil and sell that in the local market started the journey. Now, it is a well-known brand that has introduced several products in hand care, skincare, haircare, fragrance, and several other segments. 

While sourcing the ingredients from local sources, L’Occitane makes sure that the local community is being benefited. Besides, it focuses on the sustainability of nature. 

While focusing on these, L’Occitane also makes sure that the customers are getting effective products that are truly helpful for them.

L Occitane Almond Shower Scrub Review


It is an almond scrub. So, its main ingredient is Crushed Almond Shell. Almond shell is mainly known for their exfoliating properties. It gently washes away the dead skin cells from your skin and makes sure it is clean. 

Also, it comes with Sweet Almond Oil. This oil is full of Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids. These fatty acids moisturize and soothe skin. Sweet Almond Oil is mainly used for smoothing and moisturizing dry and sensitive skin. But it can be applied to other skin types too.


It comes in a clear tube that has made the brown color liquid visible from the outside. I think the design and color of the tube could be better. However, that’s not the actual concern. 

Inside the tube, the scrub is a thick liquid with micro-exfoliating bids in it. Thus the texture is not totally smooth. Overall, the appearance of the scrub seems good to me. 


You can apply it as you apply any liquid soap. 

To apply it, at first make your body wet with clean water. Then take some scrub in your palms and apply that on the skin. Massage gently and allow it to lather up. After properly massaging, wash off the lather with enough water and use a towel to wipe your body.

The Result

After using it for the first time, I was amazed by it. 

It comes with an amazing smell of almond that has made the whole experience of taking a shower so uplifting and enjoyable. I love the smell. 

It lathered up fast and easily on my skin. But for this, I had you use enough water to make my body wet. However, massaging it on the skin is a pleasant experience. I was feeling that it was doing its job. 

After lathering up, when it was time to wash it off, I stood under the shower again. It smoothly left my body when I was wiping it off gently. However, to make sure that it is not leaving any residue, I had to use a bit more water than usual. 

After rinsing it off, I felt that my skin was clean and fresh. 

L’Occitane says that you can use it every day. But I’m not supporting using scrub every day. I typically use it twice a week, which is enough for me. If you live, work, or commute in a highly polluted area, you can go thrice a week. 

Within three weeks, which means six applications, it made my skin a bit softer. My skin is a bit dry. So, I was expecting a bit of irritation. But it wasn’t irritating to my skin at all.  

Overall, I’ve loved a lot of things about it. I love the smell, how it cleanses the skin, and how it makes the skin better. Even compared to the amount and performance, I think it is priced reasonably too. 

Pick It or Not?

If you think you need something to get rid of dead skin cells from your body, you should go for it. Our daily soap can clean easy dirt, but to cleanse and exfoliate deeply, you need this. 

Besides exfoliating, it leaves your skin softer and smoother than everyone wants. Also, they say that it is suitable for sensitive skin too. So, if you’re worried about your skin type, don’t worry. Go for it. 

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