Can I Wear Sunscreen after Microneedling

Can I Wear Sunscreen after Microneedling – Complete Guide

Going under a Microneedling process is helpful, but you have to keep your eyes on a lot of things too. Your body requires a period to recover from the process. So, you need to be careful about what to use and what not to use. 

The topic of our discussion comes at this point. This is a common question because everyone what to keep their skin safe from the scorching heat of the sun. 

Here in this piece of writing, I’m going to discuss that. But before that, let’s know a bit about Microneedling.

What is Microneedling

What is Microneedling?

I guess you have an idea about it. But for the sake of the article, I’m going to talk very basic about Microneedling.

Microneedling is a process where your skin is pricked with the help of tiny sterilized needles. Your body produces more elastin and collagen while healing these tiny wounds. The increase in collagen and elastin make you look younger by increasing the elasticity of your skin. 

It ensures a lot of benefits including reducing acne, sun damage, stretch marks, dark spots, scars, fine lines, and wrinkles. 

While getting rid of these problems using the laser technique requires a huge amount of money, Microneedling does it very easily at a very lower cost. 

So, now let’s talk about the question. 

Can I Wear Sunscreen after Microneedling?

In the Microneedling process, a lot of tiny holes are created on your skin. If you use any product, it can enter your skin and cause issues. So, you should be careful about using any product. 

In the case of sunscreen, this is the same. You should be cautious about using it. 

Can I Wear Sunscreen after Microneedlings

First 24 Hours

Experts suggest using nothing on your skin within the first 24 hours of Microneedling. So, you shouldn’t use any sunscreen too. The first 24 hours are crucial because this is the time when your skin recovers itself. 

In this period, the rate of collagen and elastin production is high. So, you shouldn’t interfere with this using any kind of products from outside. If you apply anything within this time, including sunscreen, it may enter into your bloodstream and cause serious issues. 

That’s why you should keep your sunscreen aside for at least 24 hours. 

After 24 Hours

Within the first 24 hours, the maximum of the recovery procedure happens. So, after 24 hours, your skin condition is much improved. You can apply some skincare products now. 

Among the few products you can apply to your face within the next 14 days, sunscreen is one. In fact, most beauty experts suggest sunscreen as a must within this period. As your skin has a lot of tiny openings, sun rays have a more harmful impact on it. So, you must put on sunscreen every day for the next two weeks. 

But you must be very alert about which one you’re using. Experts suggest using physical sunblocks instead of chemical ones. Chemical sunscreens may contain one or more harmful ingredients that may damage your skin cells. Using physical sunblock in this case keeps you safe. You can also use homemade alternatives of sunscreens, for example- Aloe Vera. 

The best way of choosing a sunscreen for this time is consulting your Microneedling expert. They can suggest which sunscreen you should use to keep your skin safe from damages.

Final Verdict 

For at least three days after your Microneedling, you shouldn’t get exposed to the sun in any way. So using sunscreen is important. But you can’t use sunscreen within the first 24 hours. Stay at home within this period.

Then, you can go out and you must use sunscreen. Remember that sunscreen is just like other products that can’t be used on your skin. But for the sake of your safety, it is allowed to use. So, try to go for a natural sunscreen. Those are safer for you. 

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