Can You Put Moisturizer on Your Scalp

Can You Put Moisturizer on Your Scalp – Proper Guidelines

There are hundreds of reasons behind your scalp being dry. A dry scalp causes itchiness and lots of other issues. So, you need to get rid of it. 

Moisturizing is the only technique to avoid the dryness of your scalp. So, the question is- can you put moisturizer on your scalp?

What should be the answer to such questions? Yes or no? 

Let me support you to find the answer. 

Can You Put Moisturizer on Your Scalp?

Here you need to be clear about a thing. Skin moisturizers and hair moisturizers are different. 

If it is about skin moisturizer, the answer to this question is negative. You can’t and shouldn’t apply skin moisturizer to your scalp. These are made to ensure moisture in our skin. Though the scalp is also covered with skin, it is different from the skin of other body parts.

So, when you apply a skin moisturizer on your scalp, instead of moisturizing the scalp, it damages it. There might be some short-term usefulness, but in the long-term, it leaves residues that cause more dryness. Also, skin moisturizer takes away the natural hydration from your hair. 

These are the reasons you shouldn’t apply a skin moisturizer to your scalp. But you can surely go for hair moisturizers. 

Hair moisturizers come in different ways. Let’s talk about some hair moisturizers.

hair moisturizers


Hair oil is not primarily a moisturizer. But, light oils can penetrate the scalp and provide moisture to your scalp. So, you can go for light oils. Using oils regularly saves you from the dryness of your scalp.

Shampoo and Conditioner

You’ll find some shampoo and conditioners that provide moisture to your skin. You should go for those. Using a moisturizing-specific shampoo can help you to deliver the moisture your scalp needs. 

Hair Serum

Hair serum is a way in which you can ensure enough moisture for your hair. Most serums are made for this specific purpose. While applying, make sure that you’re not over-applying by spreading it to the hair. Have patience, and use a cotton swab to apply the serum specifically on the scalp. 

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Hair Mask

Hair Mask

A moisturizing hair mask can help you a lot. These are made to deliver essential moisture to your scalp and hair. So, you can pick this way too if you think your scalp requires some moisture. There are multiple types of masks from which you can pick yours. 

Scalp-focusing Treatment

You can get some scalp focusing treatment if you find your scalp dry. These treatments use several different moisturizing elements on your scalp to recover your scalp from dryness. While taking such a treatment, make sure that it is moisturization-focused. 

Final Verdict

Our scalp already has natural moisturizing elements that are enough to keep it healthy. But some unhealthy habits reduce the effectiveness of these elements or wash away the natural moisture from the scalp. 

For example- using shampoo every day is one of the biggest reasons why the scalp becomes dry. Also, using a shampoo that has sulfate in it is another reason. Also, dirt buildup doesn’t allow moisture to stay on your scalp. 

However, no matter why your scalp is dry, you need to use proper moisturizer. For this, avoid skin moisturizers and use hair moisturizers that I’ve talked about in this article. 

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