Can You Use Pomade on Long Hair

Can You Use Pomade on Long Hair – The Ultimate Guidelines

Pomade is a great water-based styling product for your hair. It is a waxy and greasy substance that you have to directly apply to your hair taking on your fingertips. It provides your hair with a steady hold and shiny texture. 

If you already know pomade, you should know that this is the perfect product to style short hair. It gives the hold your hair needs. As a result, you can do any style you want. 

But when it is about long hair, things are a bit confusing. That’s why many people think that pomade can’t be used on long hair. 

Let’s check the facts. 

Can You Use Pomade on Long Hair?

Pomade can be used on long hair too. A strong hold is needed for some long hairstyles too. In those cases, pomade can help you. Besides, there are certain issues that pomade can fix. Thus, even if someone has long hair, he/she can use hair pomade on that long hair. 

Let’s know about a few ways to use pomade on your long hair. 

How to use pomade on long hair

How to use pomade on long hair

To Tame Frizzy Hair

If you have frizzy hair, you can take those in your control with the help of pomade. For this, take a tiny amount of pomade on your fingertips and rub your fingertips a bit. Then find out the fly-away hairs and use your fingers to gently push those fly-away hairs towards the same direction as other hairs. 

Using this trick, you can align the frizzy hairs with the rest of your hair. 

To Get Rid of Split Ends

Split ends in your hair are a big problem as it destroys its look. You can make the split ends vanish using pomade.

For this, take some pomade on your fingertips and gently apply it to the tips of your hair. You can brush the fingers through the hair tips, or you can separate small portions and apply them to those.

Don’t apply much as it may look worse. Also, don’t go for the length. Applying the tips is enough.

Ponytail Firm

To Keep your Bun or Ponytail Firm

 You can keep your ponytail or bun firm for a long time using pomade. This is very easy. 

First, tie your bun or make a ponytail. Take the help of a rubber band to keep it secured. Then, take some pomade on your fingertips and rub those together a bit. After that, apply the pomade on the outer surface of your hair gently. Don’t brush it, just apply gently. Start from the root and reach to the bun or ponytail. 

If there is any fly-away hair, dap those to sit properly. 

Pomade holds the outer layer of your hair in this situation for a long time. So, you get your bun or ponytail firm.

To Lift up a Portion of Your Hair

If you want to separate a portion of your hair by lifting it, pomade can help you with this. 

For this, first, separate the portion you want to lift. Pull that portion towards the ceiling with a hand. 

Take some pomade on the fingertips of the other hand and apply it to the underside of the lifted portion. Start from the root and slowly proceed towards the root. Don’t apply much. Just 2-3 inches is enough. 

Once applied, put the hair back in its place gently. Don’t press or pull it. It’ll be a bit lifted compared to other hairs. 

Final Verdict

Like short hair, you can’t apply pomade on the full length if you have long hair. But there are definitely some tricks following which you can style your long hair using a hair pomade.

Here I’ve discussed a few. Now it is time to unleash your creativity. Think of new concepts and try to use them. I’m sure you can come up with some awesome long hair styling ideas using pomade.

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