Does Vaseline Remove Mascara

Does Vaseline Remove Mascara – Best Way of Removing Mascara

Besides protecting your leaps and ensuring a glossy look, Vaseline has a lot more uses. It moisturizes your body and saves from dryness, heals cuts and burns, tames unruly eyelashes and eyebrows, and does many more things. 

It works great as an eye makeup remover too. Thus a question arises- does Vaseline remove mascara?

Does Vaseline Remove Mascara?

The honest answer to this question is- yes, Vaseline removes mascara. In fact, this is almost perfect to remove any eye makeup including mascara. Even the waterproof ones can easily be removed with the help of Vaseline. 

Vaseline is a petroleum-based product. So, when you put it on eye makeup, it works on the makeup gently to dissolve it. Once dissolved, you can easily use a tissue, soft cloth, or cotton ball to remove it from your eyes. 

In the case of mascara, Vaseline works better compared to other makeup removers. 

How to Use Vaseline to Remove Mascara?

Below is the process of using Vaseline to remove mascara or other eye makeups.

1. Take some Vaseline on your fingertip. 

2. Gently apply it to the mascara or makeup you want to remove. 

3. Massage carefully and gently on the makeup for a few seconds. Doing this pulls out the mascara mildly without any issue. In the case of waterproof mascara, you may need a bit more time. Make sure that the Vaseline is not entering your eyes.

4. Once the mascara is removed fully, use a tissue, cotton ball, or soft clean cloth to remove the extra Vaseline you have on the skin. 


1. Be careful so that Vaseline doesn’t enter your eyes. If it happens accidentally, take some warm water and wash it off from your eyes quickly.

2. Don’t worry if you see blurry for a while. This happens because of the oil-based properties of Vaseline. As long as it is not entering your eyes, you’re safe. 

Why Use Vaseline as an Eye Makeup Remover?

Vaseline is an inexpensive alternative to dedicated eye makeup removers. Besides removing mascara or other eye makeup, Vaseline ensures some more advantages. Below are those advantages for which you should use Vaseline as a remover for eye makeup.

1. If you want thick eyelashes, using Vaseline is your way. If you use Vaseline regularly, it makes your eyelashes thicker. 

2. It moisturizes the skin around your eyes. As a result, your eyes look healthy.

3. Vaseline makes the skin around your eye smooth and soft. 

4. By retaining moisture, it doesn’t let wrinkles and fine lines sit around your eyes. Thus it saves you from the signs of aging. 

5. Vaseline doesn’t create any type of reaction to your skin, no matter what type of skin you have. This is a great advantage for you. You can use it on all types of skins. 

6. It highlights your eyes by ensuring the necessary glow.

7. It doesn’t clog pores or cause pimples. 

8. While removing eye makeup, you can apply some Vaseline to your eyebrows and eyelashes if you want to groom those to settle on a particular position.

These are the reasons you should go for using Vaseline to remove your mascara and other eye makeup. 

The Best Way of Removing Mascara

However, Vaseline is certainly helpful in removing all types of mascara, but it is not the best choice tbh. It is thick, so there is a chance that it may block the meibomian glands. These glands produce the necessary lubricants for your eyes. 

If you can’t remove Vaseline completely, the glands become blocked as these are situated in the margin of our eyelids. This is not healthy for your eyes at all. 

Using an eye makeup remover is always the best way in this case. 

You can use a dual-phase eye makeup remover. It comes with both water and oil and allows you to remove any type of eye makeup you may wear. Using it is easier too. 

Simply put a few drops of it on a cotton pad or ball and use that to remove the makeup. Just wipe it gently on the makeup. You won’t have to rub with pressure. It’ll do the work.

My Suggestion

There is no doubt that Vaseline works great to remove mascara or any other eye makeup. It has many other advantages too. But it has a disadvantage too. 

So, I suggest going for a good dual-phase eye makeup remover. You can use Vaseline in a situation when the eye makeup remover is finished and you have no other options. But don’t do it every day. 

If you need to apply eye makeup every day, get yourself a good eye makeup remover. On the other hand, if you’re not doing it frequently, Vaseline is your way to go. 

Final Verdict

As Vaseline does a lot of things and comes at an affordable price, this can be a great option for you if you want to cut your expenses on makeup, or if your makeup closet is almost full. But if there is no such issue, I guess you should pick an eye makeup remover from a good brand. 

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