Is Face Wash Better than Soap

Is Face Wash Better than Soap – Soap vs Face Wash

Face wash and soap are two cleaning products for our skin. As the basic focus of these two is similar, you may have a question- which is better- face wash or soap?

I was in this confusion too. Some suggest using face wash while others say that soap does it better. 

That’s why I started digging into the available information and found the answer. Here in this article, I’m sharing my findings so that you can clear your confusion too. 

Without further ado, let’s start talking about the topic. 

Soap vs Face Wash

Soap vs. Face Wash

Before digging deeper, let’s have a basic idea about soap and face wash.

Typically, when you hear the word soap, we mean bar soap. This is a solid bar of a cleansing element that works by dissolving the dirt from our skin and washes away with water. It contains vegetable oil or animal fat, water, and lye. 

On the other hand, face wash comes in liquid form. This is a liquid that contains cleansing and nourishing ingredients like salicylic acid, retinol, vitamin C, and many others. It absorbs the dirt on our skin and washes away when rinsed with water. 

So, we can see there are some differences between soap and face wash though these two work to meet the same purpose. 

Is Face Wash Better than Soap?

While making the comparison, we should keep something in mind- our facial skin is weaker and more delicate than the skin of other body parts. 

Soap is typically used for removing the dirt from our whole body. So, the cleaning agents that are found in regular soap bars are harsh. Those work great in case of cleaning the body. But if we consider the delicate skin of our face, soap is very harsh on it. 

When you apply soap on your face, the harsh ingredients mess with the natural pH balance of your facial skin. Besides, it trips off the natural oil of your facial skin that moisturizes the skin and keeps it healthy. Thus it damages the internal and external barriers of the facial skin. 

So, it leaves your skin dry and causes irritation. 

When your skin is constantly dry and irritated, issues like fine line and wrinkle happens frequently. You can end up with a permanent mark of aging. I know that you don’t want it. 

Even when the soap is the mildest, these things remain the same.

On the other hand, ingredients in a face wash are very much gentle on your skin. Good face washes come with a lower pH which is suitable for your facial skin. Lower pH ensures balance and keeps the pH of your facial skin safe. 

While working to grab the dirt out, face washes make sure that the natural oil of your skin is not harmed. As a result, issues like dryness, wrinkles, fine lines, and others don’t happen. 

Face wash absorbs the dirt without hampering the natural process of your facial skin. That’s why, for cleaning your face, a face wash is always better than soap. 

However, you need to focus on a few things while using a face wash. 

Don’t go for cheap ones. A good one may cost you’re a bit more, but the results will also be better. Besides, there are different types of face wash for different types of skins. You should pick one that suits your skin. If you don’t do so, there is a chance that the face wash will be more harmful than soap. 

To get all the benefits face wash provides, you should avoid the cheap and wrong ones. Here, let’s talk about how to pick the right face wash for you. 

How to Pick the Right Face Wash

How to Pick the Right Face Wash

Know Your Skin Type

This is a must because you should pick your face wash depending on the skin type. A face wash that works great for dry skin won’t work well with oily skin. So, ‘know your skin type at first, so that you can pick a suitable face wash. 

Know the Suitable Types of Face Wash

After knowing the type of your skin, now it is time to seek the face wash that suits your skin. For dry skin, a face wash that contains natural oil, lanolin, etc. is a good one. On the other hand, a face wash that comes with salicylic acid is suitable for acne-prone skin. 

Don’t Hesitate to Spend More

Even if it costs a bit more, go for the good one. Pick a face wash from a dependable brand. It may cost a bit more, but brings better benefits compared to the cheap ones. So, don’t compromise on the price. 

Final Verdict

Soap is great for your body. But when it is about the facial skin, the face wash is better than even the mildest soap. So, you should go for a face wash if you’re thinking of taking care of your facial skin. 

But don’t go for any face wash. Pick one from a dependable brand and make sure that it suits your skin type. 

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