How Long Does Primer Take To Dry

How Long Does Primer Take To Dry | How to Use Primer Properly

Primer is the cream that we apply before applying any makeup on our skin. Using a primer helps the makeup to sit firmer, cover the skin better and stay longer. Using primer means preparing a suitable base for other makeup items. 

Using a primer has a lot of benefits for sure. But for that, you need to make sure that the primer has prepared the base properly. If it doesn’t dry properly on your skin, you won’t get the benefits. 

But it is pretty confusing to understand if the primer is dry or not.

How Long Does Primer Take to Dry?

Typically, primers are made to dry properly as soon as possible. The reason is simple- you can’t wait for a long time in the middle of putting on makeup. So, the maximum primers you’ll find in the market will dry within 3-5 minutes of applying. 

Also, a typical rule of applying makeup is waiting for a few minutes between applying two items so that the previous one dries and sits properly. So, waiting for 3-5 minutes is okay.

However, in these 3-5 minutes, instead of sitting idly, you can focus on your eye makeup. Or you can make a cup of coffee, feed your pet, or water your plants. 

If you want to be a bit surer, wait for 10 minutes. Within this time, the primer will dry surely.

How to Use a Primer Properly

How to Use a Primer Properly?

If you expect the primer to dry properly, you should use it properly. Below is the right process of applying primer to your face.

Step 1- Wash Your Face

To allow the primer to sit well, you should clean the face. Rinse your face with gently cold water and tap dry. If there are grease and dirt on your face, you should use a face wash to get rid of those. Clean and dry your face so that the primer can sit firmly.

Step 2- Apply a Small Amount of Primer

Take a slight amount of primer on your fingertips and apply that to your face. Don’t use too much primer. 

If you apply too much primer on your face, it’ll make your makeup messy. On a thick coat of primer, your makeup won’t sit properly. As a result, the primary reason for using primer won’t be achieved. 

So, take a pea-sized amount of primer to apply on your full face.

Step 3- Massage Following an Outward Motion

Apply that pea-sized amount on the middle of your cheek and massage following an outward motion to spread all over the face. Gently massage so that it can spread around evenly. Use your fingertips to do this.

Besides spreading it evenly, this outward motion helps your face to have a soothing and satisfying massage.

Step 4- Let It Dry

Now you need to wait and let it dry. We’ve already discussed how long you should wait to let it dry. So, we aren’t going to that discussion again.

Final Verdict

To let your primer work properly, you should allow it enough time to dry. 3-5 minutes is okay for maximum primers. But you should wait for a few more minutes to be totally sure. 

In this waiting period, I typically do something else that doesn’t take much time. You can also use this trick if you don’t like waiting. 

If you have more questions about primers, you can check the commonly asked questions about primers to clear your understanding about it. I hope this will help you to learn more about primers. 

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