How Many Eyeshadows Fit in Z Palette

How Many Eyeshadows Fit in Z Palette | Advantages

Z palette is an amazing empty palette for eyeshadow where you can put your preferred shadows and carry them while traveling. Under z palette brand, you’ll find a lot of palettes of different sizes. All of those are quality palettes that come with maximum protection for your eyeshadow or other makeup items you can put inside.

Z palettes offer some great advantages that I’ll discuss later. But before that, let’s talk about the number of eyeshadow that you can fit in a Z Palette.

Eyeshadows Fit in Z Palette

How Many Eyeshadows Fit in Z Palette?

There is no exact answer to this question. There are two reasons- Z palettes come in different sizes and your eyeshadow pots are of different sizes. 

Under the Z palette brand, you’ll find at least 9-10 eyeshadow palettes of different sizes. From single to extra-large palettes, they offer different palettes of different sizes. So, unless you specify one, it is tough to tell how many eyeshadows will fit in one. 

Also, the size of your eyeshadow pan varies. Different brands offer eyeshadow pans of different sizes. A pan from Mac won’t be of similar size to a pan from Inglot. So, without knowing your brand, it is not possible for me to say exactly how many eyeshadows are going to fit in a Z palette. 

Z palette offers metal pans of different sizes (sold separately). So, you have a huge number of options to pick from. As I don’t know exactly which size you’re going to pick, I can’t say how many of those will fit in your Z palette. 

But, don’t worry. There is an easy way out. 

Z palette comes with a list in which you can find it. Depending on different brands and pan sizes, this list tells you exactly how many eyeshadow pan fits in each of the palettes from Z palette. If you want to check it, follow the link-

This list will help you to get an estimation of how many eyeshadow pots you can fit in a palette from the Z palette. 

You have another great news- you can customize the appearance of your Z palette. For that, you need to go to their website, click on the drop-down menu of the Z palette tab and select ‘Create Your Own’. There you’ll find a video that will help you to learn about the process.

Advantages of Z Palette

Advantages of Z Palette

Z palette comes with a magnetic base that allows you to keep your eyeshadow pots organized without creating any mess. You can use the metal trays from Z palette (sold separately) to organize your eyeshadow if you want to be surer about not creating a mess. 

Z palette comes with multiple sizes of round and square trays to put your makeup items. So, you have the scope to pick depending on usage. You can pick large trays for the colors you use most, and small trays for the colors you use rarely. 

Another advantage of Z palette is you can use it to store a lot of makeup items. You can melt your lipstick and put it in a metal tray from Z palette and keep the tray in the palette. Similarly, you can store many other items in the palette to keep those organized, especially when you’re traveling. 

Besides taking the scope of using the magnetic power of the palette, you can store your plastic eyeshadow pots in a Z palette too. This palette is designed to store regular pots without any issue. 

The advantage of customization is a great one I guess. You can create your own design for your preferred palette which makes you stand different from others. If regular black and blank design bores you, this can help you to get rid of the boring palette. 

Let’s not miss the point of security here. Z palette is strongly made and designed to keep your makeup items secured. This is a dependable one to use even when you’re traveling.

Final Verdict

Though Z palettes come with a costly price tag, those ensure the value for the money you spend. So, I think spending your money on a palette from Z palette is worth it. In fact, this is a good investment, especially if you have to travel a lot. 

Also, the misbehaving issue of the Z palette that took place a few years ago can create a negative impression towards them. But I’m talking only about their product in this article. From the product point of view, you can go for it. 

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