How To Apply Hair Mascara

How To Apply Hair Mascara – A Step by Step Updated Guide

Hair mascara is a product that we can use to change the color of a portion of our hair temporarily. It comes in different colors. The best thing is you can apply one or more colors at a time. From styling to covering grey hair, you can apply it for a lot of reasons. 

Hair mascara comes in almost similar packaging as regular mascara. So, you may think that this can be used on your hair in a similar way. 

If you’re thinking so, you’re almost right. But as you’re applying it on a small portion of your hair, there are a few more things to focus on. 

Here in this article, I’m talking about how you can apply hair mascara correctly. Stick to me. 

Process of Applying Hair Mascara

Let Your Hair Dry

Mascara sits better on dry hair. If your hair is wet, applying mascara will be a mess. Even if you can apply somehow, it won’t last long. So, after you wash your hair, allow it to dry properly before applying hair mascara. 

Brush Your Hair

After your hair dries, brush it properly to remove any tangles. If there is a tangle, there is a chance of spreading the mascara. It won’t look good at all. 

So, use your brush to detangle your hair so that it becomes a perfect surface for applying mascara. 

Style Your Hair

When you want to apply mascara without styling your hair, the untied hairs disturb the process. So, you have to style your hair first. 

You can do another thing. If you think that styling the hair first won’t allow you to apply mascara to your preferred portion, you can simply use a hairband to tie the hairs. 

But if you don’t style your hair first, you might have to wait to style it until the mascara dries properly. 

So, depending on your style and preference, you can style your hair first or you can wait until the mascara dries up after applying. 

Separate Your Expected Portion of Hair

Now you should separate the portion of your hair where you want to apply the mascara. 

If you’re doing it to cover grey hairs, pick a portion of your grey hairs. If this is for styling by adding color, pick the portion where you want to apply the color. 

With the help of your thumb and index finger, hold a portion you want and separate it. If you’re comfortable in any other way, you can do that too. 

Make sure that the hairs you’re separating are from the upper layer. Applying it in the hairs from the lower layer is just a waste of mascara. 

Start Applying the Mascara

Take some mascara with the wand and start applying it. 

Start putting on the mascara from the root of your hair. Apply it gently in a downward motion. Make sure that each strand of that specific portion of your hair is covered by it. Go up to the length you want. 

If you think that the color is light, you can apply some more. But don’t overuse it. Overusing creates a complete mess. 

Get another Portion

Once the first portion is done, you can pick another portion, and start applying the mascara following a similar process. 

Thus you can get your hair temporarily colored in some specific areas with hair mascara. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Mascara

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Mascara

How long does hair mascara take to dry?

Answer- A good hair mascara takes typically 1-2 minutes to dry it applied properly. Apply it on dry hair and don’t overuse it. If you do so, 1-2 minutes is enough for it to dry. However, to be on the safe side, you can wait for 3-4 minutes if you have time.  

Does hair mascara leave stains?

Answer- No, hair mascara is made for temporary use. So, these don’t leave any stains behind when washed off. Also, there is no chance of leaving color residue if you use good hair mascara. 

How long does hair mascara stay?

Answer- It varies depending on which one you’re using. Some hair mascara comes with the property of fading away gradually. Every time you rinse your hair, these fade away. In this case, good mascara can stay up to 20-25 washes. 

Some mascara is made to leave your hair at the first wash. If you pick these, you already know how long they can stay. 

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Final Verdict

Knowing the process of perfect application of any styling product is important because if you don’t apply perfectly, your styling might turn into a mess.  

That’s why I’ve shared the best way of applying hair mascara for styling purposes or hiding your grey hair. I hope this will help you to receive better benefits from your hair mascara. 

So, follow this process, get your perfect style with highlighted hair and keep rocking. 

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