How To Find The Right Face Cleanser

How To Find The Right Face Cleanser – The Ultimate Guide

As pollution is increasing day by day, it is important for us to keep our skin safe from it. Due to pollution, a large amount of dirt and grime accumulate on the skin. Besides, our dead skin cells join the dirt and grime to clock the pores. As a result, the pores get blocked and acne or other skin issues happen. 

Face cleansers help us to get rid of that grime, dirt, and dead skin cells. But cleansers are a bit harsh on our facial skin. So, it is important to select the right cleanser carefully. 

This task is pretty confusing because there are a lot of different types of cleansers available. 

But from now on, you won’t be confused. I’ve made this guide for picking up the right facial cleanser. This will help you to find out the right one from thousands available in the market. 

Let’s get started without further ado. 

How to Find the Right Cleanser

Step 1- Know Your Skin Type

The very first step before any skincare or makeup product is knowing your skin type. The same goes for cleansers. 

Cleansers are made following different formulas depending on different skin types. So, you should know your skin type to pick up the right cleanser for you. Cleansers made for oily skin won’t go with dry skin at all. So, picking a cleanser without knowing the type of your skin is not going to bring you the expected result. 

You’ll find a lot of sources to know your skin type

Cleansers for Your Skin Type

Step 2- Find Cleansers for Your Skin Type

After you identify your skin type, it is time to find out the cleansers made for that type. 

If yours is oily skin, search for cleansers that are mild and foam or gel-based. It should include lactic acid or salicylic acid to break down the oil and wash it away from your skin. Also, it should be pH balanced.

In the case of sensitive skin, a cleanser with creamy formula is the best. It should contain some soothing ingredients like aloe vera, willow bark, etc. Also, it should be pH balanced and free from additional fragrance, harsh exfoliates, or alcohol. 

When your skin is dry, you should pick a hydrating cleanser that provides hydration to your skin. Something containing essential oil or glycerin can do this. It should be soap-free and alcohol-free. Also, while washing your face, avoid using hot water. 

If yours is combination skin, things are confusing here. You have oily skin in the T-zone and other portions are dry or normal. In this case, you should go for mild and gel-based cleansers. One that comes with tea tree, aloe vera, and vitamin C can help you in this. You can also go for micellar water. 

If yours is acne-prone skin, you can go for the double cleansing method. For this, at first, use an oil-based cleanser. Then, apply a water-based one to clean your skin effectively. 

Natural Ingredients

Step 3- Go for Natural Ingredients

After you know your skin type and find out the cleansers made for that specific type, you need to go through the ingredients. This may take some time and patience, but the output is much better. 

Look for the cleansers that come with natural ingredients. Natural ingredients are better for the skin. Most chemicals have a long-term impact on the skin though those are helpful in the short term. Also, added fragrances and attraction-craving elements are not good for your skin health. 

So, spend some time to find out the cleansers that come with natural ingredients. 

Step 4- Maintain a Record

I know that from the beginning of your skincare journey, you’ve used a lot of products. But do you remember all of those along with the exact impact of those on your skin?

I bet most of you can’t remember at least half of the products you’ve used. 

That’s why you should maintain a record of the cleansers you’ve used and the results of using those. This record will help you to find out which types of cleansers are not suitable for your skin. Thus, you’ll be more careful while picking the next one. 

If you have some more time to spend, you can compare the ingredients to find out which one doesn’t go with your skin. 

You can do the similar for other skincare and makeup products too. 

Step 5- Take Expert Opinion and Help from Others

Always seek expert opinion when you’re confused. This helps you to go for a better decision.

Also, you can take suggestions from your friends and families about the cleanser they use. While doing this, make sure that you both have similar skin types. Otherwise, you may pick the wrong one. 

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Final Verdict

Picking up the right cleanser helps you to get rid of the grime, dirt, and dead skin cells buildup. On the other hand, if you get yourself the wrong one, issues may occur. So stay careful when picking one. 

If you follow the suggestion and invest some time in searching for the right face cleanser, you’ll end up having exactly the one that you need. So, don’t just go for one that people say is good. The one that is good for many people might not be good for you. 

So, know your skin type, find out the ideal ones, and pick up the right one for the best outcome. 

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