How To Do Shampoo Properly

How To Do Shampoo Properly – Complete Guidelines

Shampooing properly allows you to get the best out of it. And if you don’t do it properly, there is a chance that your hair may face damage. So, you must know the right way of shampooing not only for cleaning your hair but also for saving your hair from unwanted damage. 

The process of applying shampoo is not a tough task. But some mistakes in it alter the result. 

Here in this article, I’m going to talk about how to do shampoo properly and then discuss some mistakes that most of us make when applying shampoo to the hair. 

So, let’s start. 

How To Do Shampoo Properly

How To Do Shampoo Properly?

The process of shampooing is just like what we do. But you need to keep your eyes on a few points. However, let’s start knowing the process.

Wash Your Hands

First, you need to clean your hands properly. You’ll use your hands to rub the shampoo on your scalp. If your hands are not clean, including your nails, bacteria or grime can get on your scalp and cause different issues. 

Soak Your Hair

Now, you need to soak your hair. Use normal and clean water to rinse your hair thoroughly. Make sure that each portion of your scalp is properly soaked with water. Use an ample amount of water to make the full length of your hair wet. 

Take Shampoo on Your Palm

Now pour some shampoo on your palm. If your hair is thick, you’ll need a good amount of shampoo. On the other hand, for thin hair, you’ll need less. If you think you’ve taken less amount, you have always the scope to add some more.

But don’t take a huge amount of shampoo. Overusing causes problems. 

Apply on Your Scalp

Rub your palms a bit and use them to apply it to your scalp. Be gentle when you’re applying. Rub slowly so that the shampoo lathers up. If you use less than you need, or if there is heavy dirt and grime on your scalp, it won’t lather up properly. In that case, take some more shampoo and use it on the scalp. 

Rub Gently

When you use skincare products on your face, you’re suggested to rub on a circular movement. But while applying shampoo, don’t do this. Use your fingertips and follow up and down movement to leather up properly. Using a circular motion on your scalp causes more hair fall while shampooing. 

Do this for 3-4 minutes and cover all over your scalp.

Rinse the Shampoo

Now it is time to rinse off the shampoo. In this step, use enough water to wash away all the shampoo from your scalp. Make sure that there is not a single drop of shampoo on your scalp. Leaving shampoo causes dandruff and grime build-up. 

Use cool water to rinse the shampoo. Cool water closes the cuticles. 

Use Conditioner

After rinsing off the shampoo, use your conditioner. Start applying it on the mid and proceed to the tip. Don’t go for scalp. After 5-6 minutes, rinse off the conditioner too. 

Towel Dry Your Hair

Use a clean and dry towel to get most of the water out of your hair. Then leave it for air dry. 

While using the towel, don’t rub much. Be gentle, especially when you’re using it on your scalp. 

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Common Mistakes We Do while Shampooing

Common Mistakes We Do while Shampooing

You can see that the procedure of shampooing is really easy. But in this easy process, we make some common mistakes that don’t allow us to get the best results. Below are those mistakes.

Not Using the Right Shampoo

For the best output, you need to use the right shampoo. If you want to get rid of hair loss but use an anti-dandruff shampoo, you won’t get the expected result. Similarly, a biotin and collagen-rich shampoo won’t stop dandruff. 

So, you should pick the right shampoo and this is the first rule of using a shampoo properly. 

Not Soaking Hair Properly

In most cases, we don’t pour enough water on our hair before applying the shampoo. When the hair is not rinsed properly and remains dry, shampoo can’t produce enough lather. As a result of it, shampoo can’t work properly and our scalp remains dirty.

Directly Applying on Hair

Some people think that taking the shampoo on the palm, lathering it on hand, and then applying it to the hair wastes shampoo. They prefer directly applying the shampoo to the scalp to reduce waste. 

But the issue is, when you apply shampoo directly on the scalp, it lathers on only that area. The other areas remain neglected. To cover other areas, you have to take some more shampoo. Thus, this process causes more waste of shampoo. 

So, pour some shampoo on your palm, rub your palms gently to lather up, and then apply it to your hair to cover the whole area.

Using Nails to Massage Scalp

You have to use your fingertips while massaging, not nails. If you use nails, bacteria from your nails can spread to your scalp and cause scalp disease. Also, using nails means being harsh on your scalp. Thus, you may face scalp irritation. Also, if you use nails to massage the shampoo on the scalp, there is a chance of your hair tearing out from the root.

Don’t Washing the Shampoo Properly

After massaging shampoo on your scalp, you should wash the whole shampoo away from your scalp. In most cases, we don’t spend enough time and water here. 

But if the shampoo is not rinsed away properly, it causes grime buildup. As a result of it, you have to face itchy scalp, irritation, and dandruff. As you’re using the shampoo to clean your hair, you shouldn’t do anything that causes more dirt and grime accumulation on your scalp. So, wash off the shampoo properly. 

Not Focusing Much on Scalp

Sometimes we put so much attention to our hair that we miss out on the scalp. But the scalp is the part where we should focus a lot. Gentle massaging on the scalp removes dirt buildup and allows the shampoo to work properly. Besides, the scalp provides the necessary nutrition for the hair.

So, we should focus on massaging the scalp. Not focusing on the scalp is a major mistake that we make. 

Washing Hair Too Often

You should apply shampoo to your hair regularly, but not every day. In fact, if you can, stop washing your hair every alternative day too. 

The reason is using shampoo on the hair every day washes away the natural oil from it. But natural oil is important for the growth and nourishment of your hair. 

So, try to make a hair wash routine that includes at least a two days gap between two washes. 

Final Verdict

Here I’ve talked about the right process of using shampoo. The process is not so different from how you do it. The problem is- small differences make a big impact when it is to hair care. Some small mistakes don’t allow you to be benefitted. 

So, I’ve talked about some of the common mistakes we make while using shampoo. I made similar mistakes too. With time, I’ve corrected the wrongs. I hope you’ll also avoid these mistakes from now on. 

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