How To Get Sunscreen out of Your Eyes

How To Get Sunscreen out of Your Eyes – Step by Step Guide

Sunscreen helps you to keep your skin safe from the damaging impacts of the sun rays. However, though it is very helpful for your skin, getting sunscreen on your eyes is not good at all. It may cause permanent damage. So, you need to be careful.

But sometimes, in spite of being careful, accidents happen. So, you may get sunscreen in your eyes or your child’s eyes. 

In such a case, you should get it out of the eyes as soon as possible. But how?

Let me help you by discussing what to do in such cases. 

How to Get Sunscreen out of Your Eyes?

As soon as sunscreen gets in the eyes, use a stream of water to wash it away. You can use a hand shower. But using any type of stream of water is okay. Do this continuously for 15-20 minutes at least. This will wash off the sunscreen from your eyes. 

If you wear a contact lens, remove it before flushing the water. 

After you’ve flushed out the sunscreen for a long time, it should be enough to wash away all the sunscreen from your eyes. But, if the irritation is still unbearable after flushing the water stream for 15-20 minutes, you should see the optometrist as soon as possible. 

On the other hand, you may feel minor irritation because your eye has gone through a tough time. Wait for 15-20 minutes more to soothe the irritation.

Within this time, you can use wet clothes soaked in cool water on your eyes. This may give your eyes some comfort. 

If your eyes are still irritating, you should go to an optometrist. 

Also, you can take the help of preservative-free eye drops, but those will cause more irritation. Going to an optometrist is the safest option. 

How To Prevent Sunscreen from Going into Eyes

How To Prevent Sunscreen from Going into Eyes

You won’t face such a problematic situation if you stay a bit careful about storing and applying sunscreen. Below are some ways to avoid such types of situations.

1. While applying sunscreen around your eyes, close the eyes first. Doing this restricts the sunscreen from entering the eyes. 

2. Don’t allow your kids to apply sunscreen on their own. Before or after you put on the sunscreen on your face, put some on their face using your palms. 

3. Keep the sunscreen away from the reach of your kids. Kids are curious and they don’t know that this can be dangerous. So, don’t keep it somewhere where they can reach it easily.

4. While applying sunscreen, make sure that you’ve rubbed all of it properly. If you leave some on the skin, it may go into the eyes somehow.

5. While applying, make sure that you aren’t rubbing it too close to your eyes. If you do so, do it carefully. 

By applying the sunscreen carefully, you can keep you and your kids safe from such accidents. 

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Final Verdict

Your eyes are sensitive. So, when such a situation arises, clean the eyes as soon as possible with a stream of water. Don’t waste time. If there is no stream, pour water on the eyes from a bottle. 

There is a chance that applying an ample amount of water to the eyes can solve the issue completely. But if you think that it is taking more time to come back to the regular vision, contact an optometrist. 

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