How to Use Bar Soap in the Shower

How to Use Bar Soap in the Shower – Proper Guidelines

Soap is a skincare product that is being used for a long time to get rid of the dirt and grime from our bodies. To get the best out of soap, you should know the right process of using it in the shower. A few tips can help you to utilize the time you spend in the shower rubbing the soap. 

That’s why I’m here with some tips for using bar soap correctly in the shower. Following the tips, you can get rid of maximum grime of your body, reduce the waste of soap and utilize it effectively. 

Let’s get started. 

Tips to Use Bar Soap in the Shower

Wash your Hands Properly

You’re using the soap for cleaning dirt and grime from your body. But if your hands are not clean, the soap itself becomes dirty. So, before applying the soap, wash your hands properly with water and get rid of any visible grime or dirt. 

Clean the Bar Soap before Applying

Unless the bar soap is being used for the first time, clean it before you apply it. Wash it with water to get rid of the slime that may contain germs. You can also use a clean and dry sponge to absorb that soapy grime. 

Also, try to store it away from water to reduce the buildup of bacteria. 

Make Sure Your Body is Wet Enough

Before applying bar soap, you should make your body wet. Bar soap works great on wet surfaces in the presence of water. On the other hand, if the surface is not properly wet, it can’t produce enough foam to wash away the dirt and grime. 

So, rinse your body well before you start applying the bar soap.

You should start applying soap to the top part of your body

Start from the Top

You should start applying soap to the top part of your body. If you use it on the face, start from the face. Otherwise, start from the neck. 

Starting from the top ensures a total rinse of your body. If you start from the bottom and come to the top later, the loose grime and dirt from the top will go to the bottom. As a result, you have to clean your bottom part again. This results in a waste of time and soap. 

Don’t get confused among using hands, washcloths, or applying directly

It doesn’t matter how you’re applying the soap. You can create lather in your hands at first. Then you can use your hands to apply the soap. You can go for a washcloth if you have one. Or you can buff the soap straight on your body. 

No matter how you apply the soap, as long as you’re rubbing properly and reaching everywhere, it’ll do its work perfectly. 

So, don’t overthink it. Just go as you are comfortable. 

But I suggest using a washcloth. It absorbs the lather and uses it again to wash your body. Also, it creates more lather than your hands as it comes with multiplying power. So, you need to use less soap. As a result, you can extend the life of your soap.  

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Don’t Leave the Back

I know it is tough to reach the back, but don’t leave it. After cleaning the front part of your body, try to reach your back as much as you can. Leaving your back means half of your body is not clean. This may save your soap but won’t wash away dirt fully. 

For this, you can use a washcloth or your hands. Don’t try this with the soap in hand because there is a chance that the soap will fall from your hand. This will make the soap dirty. 

Take Your Time on shower

Take Your Time

Don’t hurry when you’re using bar soap. Take your time and apply it to your body properly including the private areas and areas like underarms. 

The purpose of using bar soap is to clean your body and get rid of dirt and grime. If you don’t ensure proper attention and time in it, you can’t clean properly. 

Warm Water for More Lather, Cool Water for Durability

To produce maximum lather, use warm water to rinse your body. On that, apply the bar soap. It ensures a wonderful lather. However, it dissolves the soap quickly. 

On the other hand, using cool water dissolves the soap slowly. So, if you want your soap to last longer, use cool water to rinse your body. 

Final Verdict

Bar soap has some interesting benefits beyond just cleaning your skin by removing dirt and grime. But you need to know how to use those properly to grab the benefits. 

That’s why I’ve tried to let you know some tips for using bar soap correctly. I guess you’ll correct the mistakes (if there were any) and follow the right way of using bar soap in the shower. 

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