How To Use Concentrated Perfume Oil

How To Use Concentrated Perfume Oil – Proper Guidelines

Concentrated perfume oils or Attar are a type of perfume that ensures a longer-lasting fragrance. These are oil-type liquid perfumes extracted directly from natural sources and concentrated without any additives. As a result, the fragrances of these are strong and durable. 

The main difference between concentrated perfume oil and commonly used perfume is the additive. Perfumes come with alcohol added to them. But in the case of concentrated perfume oils, there is no alcohol added. Thus, these are suitable for sensitive skins too. 

A problem that you can face while using concentrated perfume oil is the way of applying it. Applying for it is not a big deal at all. But if you’re regular with normal perfume or body spray and using concentrated perfume oil for the first time, this may seem a bit complex to you. 

Don’t worry! Let me help you with it. I’m going to help you with the easiest way to use these perfume oils.

How to Use Concentrated Perfume Oil 

Traditional Way of Applying 

In most cases, concentrated perfume oil comes in a bottle with a roller head. Also, it may come with an applying stick. 

The traditional way of applying concentrated perfume oil is applying it on your palm at first. Take two-three drops of oil on your palm and rub both palms together. You can also take this on the outer side of your wrist and rub both of your wrists. Rub gently. As it is concentrated, rubbing won’t defuse it. Still, you should be a bit careful while rubbing. 

Then rub your palms or outer sides of wrists on your clothes to spread the perfume. Applying in this way prevents the perfume from staying concentrated in one place. 

However, while applying on clothes, you should check the sensibility of the cloth first. Some clothes are sensitive to these perfume oils, especially dark oil. So, at first, try using it on a non-visible part of your cloth and check the sensitivity. 

Checking is recommended because we don’t take any liability for any damage to your cloth.

Applying to Your Skin 

You can also apply concentrated perfume oil directly to your skin. In this way, you have to apply it to your pulse points for better performances. 

Get one or two drops of oil on your inner wrist. Then apply it on the back of your earlobes, end of the jawline, behind your neck, and such places. Don’t over-apply. Pick only one or two spots. 

Also, you can put some on the tips of your beard or hair. 

After applying, wait for a few minutes and let it spread. You might not find the fragrance at first, but it’ll gently spread with time. Concentrated perfume oil spreads better and gets stronger when it comes in contact with the natural oil of your body. So, you should allow it some time. 

Using in a Diffuser

If you want a similar smell in your room or workplace, you can use the perfume oil in your diffuser. 

Using it is easy. Mix a few drops of this oil with the water in your diffuser and wait for a few seconds. Your room will be occupied with the fragrance. 

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Why Use Concentrated Perfume Oil 

Why Use Concentrated Perfume Oil 

Concentrated perfume oil provides a lot of benefits. Let’s talk about a few reasons for which you should use it. 

The scent lasts longer 

I’ve already said that concentrated perfume oil lasts for a long time on your clothes or body. This happens because of its oil-like nature. Thus, applying a very small amount is enough for a durable and long-lasting fragrance. You can spread your signature fragrance all day long without fading away. 

You’re not spending on alcohol 

Regular spray perfume comes with alcohol as an additive. This has a purpose though. However, when you’re picking concentrated perfume oil, you’re getting better performance and not spending on alcohol. This is another benefit. 

Value for money 

You might have to spend similar or a few more bucks when you’re buying concentrated perfume oil, but it lasts much longer. You don’t have to apply much of it. So, you can use the bottle for a long time compared to a bottle of perfume spray. So, perfume oil ensures better value for your money.

No reapplication

In most cases, if you want your fragrance to last for the whole day, you have to reapply the spray perfume as it fades away quickly. But concentrated perfume oil fades away very slowly. Thus you don’t have to reapply for the day. 

Some perfume oils last for more than two days on your clothes, even after a wash. 

Easy to carry 

You can easily carry your perfume oil while traveling because it comes in a small bottle. In the case of spray bottles, you have to buy a travel-friendly bottle and transfer the perfume to it from the original bottle. This is a time-consuming process. Concentrated perfume oil saves you from this hassle.

Doesn’t irritate sensitive skin 

Concentrated perfume oil doesn’t come with added alcohol. As a result, even if you have sensitive skin, applying directly on your skin doesn’t irritate.

However, irritation might happen because of the harshness of the oil. But that’s a rare case. You should be a bit careful and pick one with light concentration. 

Final Verdict 

Concentrated perfume oils come with natural fragrances. As a result, these are more charming and closer to nature. Besides, all other benefits of these have made these a perfect pick if you’re looking for a signature fragrance. 

So if you’ve decided to use concentrated perfume oil, go for it. I’ve described the application processes in this article. I guess this article will help you to get the best out of it.

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