How To Use Nature Republic Argan Hair Essence

How To Use Nature Republic Argan Hair Essence – Guides

Hair essence is an important part of our hair care routine that many of us are missing. It is made to ensure the needed polish and miniaturization for your hair without making it heavy. These are thin and get absorbed in your hair as quickly as possible. So, you get your hair comfortably shiny.

As a part of your hair care routine, the essence can play a big role in making your hair softer too. Different essences come with many other different added features. You can pick one as per your need. 

As for your hair, I guess you’re going to pick the Argan hair essence from the brand Nature Republic. You’ve made a good choice, I must say. It is made to moisturize and nourish damaged hair. Besides doing this, it makes your hair smooth and shiny. 

To get the best benefit from your Nature Republic Argan hair essence, you should know how to use it perfectly. Here I’m going to discuss that. Stay with me to know the process. 

Process of Applying Nature Republic Argan Hair Essence

Applying this to your hair is very easy. You just have to be a bit cautious so that you don’t mess with things. 

Wash Your Hair

The essence should be used on clean hair and scalp. So, at the very first step, wash your hair properly. Use shampoo to make sure that dirt and debris from your hair are being washed away. 

After washing your hair and rinsing with clean water, use a towel to towel dry your hair. 

Apply on Your Scalp

Take some Nature Republic Argan hair essence on your palm and apply it on your slightly wet scalp slowly. Have time and do it in a gentle massage motion. 

Make sure that it has touched every portion of your scalp. It spreads easily, so you won’t have to use it much. 

Depending on the thickness of your hair, the exact amount needed varies. You’ll understand how much you need after one or two uses. Just make sure that you’re not overusing it. 

Let Your Hair Dry

Let Your Hair Dry

Allow your hair to dry naturally. Don’t use any tool to make it dry. 

Apply on Your Hair

When your hair is totally dry, apply the essence on your hair evenly. If you’re using it to cure damaged hair or split ends, concentrate on the ends. 

Wait for it to dry. It comes with a very thin concentration. So, it won’t take long. 

Thus you can apply Nature Republic Argan hair essence on your hair properly.


1. Make sure that it doesn’t enter your eyes.

2. If you feel any irritation or see any rash on your scalp, stop using it immediately. 

3. Do not overuse. Less is more.

4. After applying, close the cap firmly. 

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Final Verdict

The Argan hair essence from the Nature Republic is a good pick for getting your hair nourished and moisturized. It comes with some great ingredients including Argan essential oil. 

Apply it and you’ll see the changes within a very short time. 

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