How To Make Yoni Soap

How To Make Yoni Soap – A Step by Step Updated Guide

Yoni soap is an important product to have. It comes with a lot of benefits. In case you don’t know what yoni soap is, let’s talk a bit about it. 

Yoni means Vagina or Womb in Sanskrit. So, yoni soap is the soap that is specially made for your vaginal health. It has a lot of benefits. It fights odor around your vaginal and anal area, deals with the bad bacteria, and reduces inflammation. 

So, you should use yoni soap regularly to maintain vaginal health. 

The great news is, you can make your own yoni soap at home. You won’t have to walk a long way for this. With the ingredients available near you, you can make your yoni soap. 

Here in this article, I’m going to talk about how you can make yoni soap at home. Stay tuned. 

How to Make Yoni Soap

How to Make Yoni Soap?

To make Yoni soap, you’ll need the things below. 

  • Solid Melt and Pour Soap Base- 32 oz.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar- 2 Tbsp.
  • Rose Water- 2 Tbsp.
  • Rose Kaolin Clay Powder- 1 tsp. 
  • Vitamin E Oil- a few drops
  • Calendula Petals- ¾ cup
  • Dried Rose Petals- ¾ cup
  • Dried Rose Buds- ¾ cup
  • Loofah- 1 piece
  • Scale- 1 piece
  • Silicone Bar Soap Mold- 1 piece
  • Some Rubbing Alcohol in a Spray Bottle

Collect all these ingredients and start the process. 

Step 1: First, take the melt and pour the soap base into a pot and melt it. Use the double boil method to do this. Also, you can use your microwave to do this. Make sure that the soap has melted properly. 

Step 2: Take another pot and put the Kaolin Clay Powder in it. Then, pour the rose water and mix the clay with the rose water properly. 

After mixing, add the Apple Cider Vinegar with it and mix properly. For at least 1-2 minutes.

Step 3: Pour the fusion into the melted soap that you made in the first step. Keep stirring until the mixture becomes an even color. 

Step 4: Add the Calendula Petals and Dry Rose Petals to the mixture and stir for a few seconds.

Step 5: Take the silicone bar soap mold you’ve bought. Spray some rubbing alcohol in it using the spray bottle. Then, pour the mixture into it. After that, spray some rubbing alcohol on the top so that bubbles can’t form at the top. 

Step 6: Add dried rosebuds to the top of the soap. If you wish, you can spread some calendula petals on it too. Now let it dry.

Step 7: After the soap dries, bring it out of the mold. The soap is too big to use, I know. Cut it according to your expected size and use. 

This soap is perfect to reduce the dryness and odor of your vaginal and anal area. Besides, it fights yeast infection outside your vagina and reduces the pain associated with it. So, having it at home can help you in many ways. 

However, make and use it at your own risk. Study a bit about the ingredients and their impact on your skin before applying the soap.

How to Make Yoni Soap

Misconceptions about Yoni Soaps

While using yoni soap can be a good way of taking care of your vaginal area, there are a lot of misconceptions about it. Below here, I’m going to discuss some of those. 

Yoni Soap can be used inside the vagina

Don’t do this. Don’t use it inside the vagina. No soap is safe to use internally. It is only for external use. If you use the soap inside, there is a chance of irritation and redness. Also, you might face some unwanted diseases. 

Yoni Soap tightens the vagina

This is another misconception about yoni soap. Soap doesn’t have any scope or ability to tighten your vagina. It totally depends on the muscles around the vaginal areas. Soap can’t do anything with it. So, don’t expect your yoni soap to tighten your vagina. 

Cautions about Yoni Soaps

Using yoni soaps requires some caution. 

Yoni soaps contain dried flowers and other small particles. So, while using the soap, you should be extra careful about it. Rub the soap around your vagina, not in it. Make sure that no flower petals or other small particles enter your vagina. It may cause infection. 

`You’ll find a lot of yoni soaps in the market that says it balances the pH of your vaginal area. Also, many yoni soaps come with colorants, synthetic dyes, essential oils, additional fragrances, etc. These are not healthy for your vaginal area as that part of your body is really sensitive.

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Final Verdict

Yoni soaps are helpful for the cleanliness of the area around your vagina and anus. However, many business organizations use a lot of misconceptions to market their soap. So, before making and using a yoni soap, I guess you should spend some time studying it. 

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