What's the Difference between Regular Skin Lotion and Diabetic Lotion

What’s the Difference between Regular Skin Lotion and Diabetic Lotion

Maybe you’ve seen some kind of diabetic lotion and now you have multiple questions in mind, like- Why is it called diabetic lotion? How are diabetes and body lotion related? How is diabetic lotion different from regular lotion? And so on. 

If these are your questions, worry no more. In this article, I’ll be describing diabetic lotion, the reasons it is called a diabetic lotion, the ways it is different from regular skin care lotion, and the reasons a diabetes patient should use it.

So, let’s not waste time and start talking about it.

What is a Diabetic Lotion?

Diabetes is a dangerous disease. Besides hampering the internal mechanics, it affects your skin too. As a result of diabetes, different skin issues like inflammation, numbness, irritation, dehydration, sensitivity issues, etc. can happen more frequently. 

A diabetic lotion is a lotion that is made especially for dealing with these issues that are happening because of diabetes. It contains a lot of necessary and active ingredients that can handle and avert these problems. As it is made especially for diabetes patients, this is called a diabetic lotion. 

Besides dealing with diabetic issues on your skin, it ensures hydration and moisture too. 

Difference between Regular Skin Lotion and Diabetic Lotion

Difference between Regular Skin Lotion and Diabetic Lotion

In most cases, people think that both of these are the same and don’t come with any difference. 

But, there is a huge difference between diabetic lotion and regular skin lotion.

Regular skin lotions come with nourishing and moisturizing power. Thus, it delivers proper moisture to the skin and makes it hydrated and soft.

On the other hand, the main focus of diabetic lotion is to fight the viral and bacterial infections caused by diabetes. It comes with vital nutrients that keep your skin safe from irritation, inflammation, numbness, and other issues. Besides, it is also made to protect your skin from UV rays. 

It nourishes and moisturizes the skin too. 

Another huge difference between diabetic lotion and regular skin lotion is the added fragrance. Regular skin lotions come with added fragrance. But, diabetic lotions don’t contain any harmful fragrance. 

So, you can see that there are differences in the main purpose of these two types of lotions. 

Why should Diabetes Patients use Diabetic Lotion

Why should Diabetes Patients use Diabetic Lotion?

If anyone is facing irritation, inflammation, and other skin issues caused by diabetes, diabetic lotion is the best solution. Let’s know the reasons.

1. These are dermatologist-tested and clinically proven to fight against the side effects and skin symptoms caused by diabetes and improve the situation. 

2. These are made to penetrate your skin quickly. These go deeper than regular lotions and repair the damaged skin cells from the deeper layers. Thus, it continues proper hydration. 

3. These come with vitamin E and omega 6 fatty acids. These improve the blood circulation towards and from the skin. As a result, the skin gets more nutrition and stays healthy. Besides, the toxin and damaging elements are removed from the skin. Thus, the side effects are also cured a lot.

4. Aloe Vera is a common ingredient in diabetic lotions. It comes with an antibacterial property that fights the bacterial infections on the skin and heals it. Besides, it neutralizes free radicals to soothe skin. You can’t avoid its hydrating properties too. It hydrates the skin from the deep and keeps it healthy. 

5. Diabetic lotions are free from iron. Iron is important for our bodies. But for diabetic patients, it is harmful because it initiates the risk of type 2 diabetes. 

6. These are free from added fragrances that can harm your skin. 

Diabetic lotions have many more benefits to offer for diabetes patients. So, they should go for using a diabetic lotion. 

However, before buying a diabetic lotion, make sure that it is certified by a dermatologist. Taking suggestions from your doctor is highly recommended. 

Final Verdict

Diabetic lotions are far different than your regular skin lotion. It comes with a lot of benefits for the skin issues caused by diabetes. So, if you’re facing issues like irritation, numbness, inflammation, etc. go for these instead of using a regular lotion. You’ll get a quicker and better result. 

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