Revitalash Shampoo Reviews

Revitalash Shampoo Reviews of [2022] – The Ultimate Guide

Different shampoos come with solutions to different issues of hair. A few days ago, I faced hair thinning that was not expected at all. So, I was looking for something that can help me with the issue. I was specifically looking for a good thickening shampoo as it can help me with the thinning issue. 

I found Revitalash Thickening shampoo which comes with a tag-scalp therapy formula. I wanted to try and see if it can actually make my hair thicker. I used it for a few months. Right now I’m sharing my experience of using it.

I know you’re looking for a review on Revitalash shampoo. My review will help you to know details about it and make a decision whether you should use it or not. So, take some time and listen to what I say. 

Before talking about the shampoo, let me talk a bit about Revitalash.

About Revitalash

Revitalash started its journey in 2006. A physician, Michael Brinkerhoff, developed a product for his wife who was fighting against breast cancer. It was a good one and with this one product, Revitalash started its journey. 

Until now, the journey is not very long compared to many other brands. But within this short time, Revitalash has developed and offered some great products in the market. The products are focused on the hairs- eyebrows, eyelashes, and scalp hairs. 

Revitalash focuses on scientific research and thoughtful development to bring out each of its products. That’s why products under this brand help you to bring out the natural beauty of yourself.

Revitalash Shampoo Review

Revitalash Shampoo Reviews


It comes with ingredients that are especially focused on thickening hair. Some of the most highlighted ingredients are-

Biotin- It works on the hair volume and thickness so that your head looks fuller and your hair looks better.

Loquat Leaf- It focuses on reducing the speed of hair thinning. 

Willow Bark- It is known for its gentle and effective cleansing power. It is used in the shampoo so that the shampoo can cleanse your scalp and ensure a cleaner scalp condition.

Panthenol- Coming with the ability to hydrate the scalp, it ensures enough hydration. Besides, it increases the shine of your hair too.


Revitalash Thickening shampoo comes in a simple white bottle with a black cap and minimalistic design. There is no extra design on the bottle. 

The shampoo itself is a dense liquid that comes with a smooth texture. 


Applying it is just like applying any other shampoo. 

Wet your hair properly, take enough shampoo on your palms, and apply it to the wet hair. It leathers up easily if your hair is wet enough. Make sure that it covers all over the scalp and the overall length of your hair. Leave it 1-2 minutes to sit.

Then, rinse it off properly from your hair. 

Revitalash Shampoo


My hair was not looking thicker from the first application. I wasn’t disappointed because I know a good shampoo takes some time. So, I continued using it.

But after the first application, I could feel that my scalp was clean. My head was feeling lighter. So, I could understand that it has done something at least. 

I started seeing fuller hair within a week. Though my hair strands were not thicker than before, my hair was looking thicker. The improvement was not so different. But I could see it because I was carefully checking the progress. 

After a month, it made my hair visibly fuller. Everyone could see it. People started asking about the hair treatment I’ve taken and so many similar questions. 

But the strands were still as thin as before. 

I used it every alternative day. So, there was no scope for applying more frequently. 

I continued using it for three months. Within these three months, my hair became fuller and my scalp health improved. I was expecting it to thicken my hair strands too but it was not that effective in this case. It improved the strands a bit, but not as I expected. 

Overall, this is a good thickening shampoo if you’re looking for something that can make your hair visibly fuller. Considering the price, I was neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with it. 

Pick it or not?

I’ve shared the result I got. Now you should decide. 

If you ask me, I would suggest going for it if visibly fuller hair is your only expectation. It will do this within a week. Besides, it can give you a cleaner scalp and healthier hair.

But if you want your hair strands to be thicker, this is not the one you should pick.

However, buying it won’t be a waste of money as it improves the look of your hair. So, still, the decision is on you. 

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