Carpe Deodorant Reviews

Carpe Deodorant Reviews of [2022] | A Step by Step Guide

If you have a sweaty armpit, you must know the struggle of keeping the sweat stains and bad smells are hidden from people. Lots of deodorants in the closet but nothing is working- what can be the worst situation than this? 

I know you’re looking for a solution to this problematic situation. I was once looking around to find a good deodorant too. But, I ended up with a lot of useless deodorant sticks in my drawer. I didn’t find any solution to this.  

When I left to hope and mentally prepare myself to face this problem every day, a friend suggested that I use Carpe deodorant. I was not expecting anything from it, just gave it a try. 

Guess what! It was a good one!!

Yeah, I’m pleased with its effectiveness. Here in this Carpe Deodorant review, you’ll know about it and how it satisfied someone like me with a crazy sweating problem.

About Carpe

Carpe is a brand focused on developing products that fight sweat and related problems. Starting from feet to underarm, this brand is focused on solving the sweating problem all over your body.

The products under Carpe are developed focusing on the reasons behind sweating, the nature of the skin around it, and the action needed to control sweating. As a result, the products are most effective compared to the other brands existing. 

The dermatologist-approved products from Carpe are there to protect you from the embarrassment caused by sweating. So, you can go for these.

Now, let me share my experience with the deodorant from Carpe.

Carpe Deodorant Review

Carpe Deodorant Review

Carpe deodorant lotion comes in three varieties. These are-

Original Eucalyptus- It doesn’t have any scent. While applying, you may find the smell of Eucalyptus but it fades away quickly. 

Coastal Orange- It comes with a citrusy smell that keeps you energetic for a long time.

Fresh Cotton- It has a light and durable smell that makes you feel better and fresh. 

Among these, I picked the Original Eucalyptus as I didn’t want any fragrance to mix with my perfume. 

My experience

It is a bit different compared to other deodorants. The applicator here is different and softer than others. So, while applying, it ensures a smoother feel that I haven’t found in any other deodorants.

Just after the application, I felt a bit of burning feeling in my underarm. But it was not something that can’t be tolerated. It was there for just a minute. Then I saw that my underarm became dry. It was drier compared to the after-impact of other antiperspirants. So, I wasn’t feeling good about it.

But after a while, everything was okay and I was feeling better. 

I applied it to my underarm in the morning before going to my office. I was sure that I’ll have to face similar embarrassment just like the other days. But I didn’t have to. The reason was Carpe deodorant.

I was sweating just like the other days, but my underarm was less wet. It controlled my underarm sweats and bad smell. Thus it gave me relief. 

They suggest using it twice a day- in the morning before going out and at night before going to bed. I applied it following the instructions. The sweat and odor were in control. I started feeling better and more confident everywhere. 

After a few days, I started using it only before going to bed, just to see the impact. During the daytime, my underarms started sweating again, but less than previous. I switched and started applying it in the morning. This time, the result was almost similar to the time when I used to apply twice a day.

As it holds a costly price tag, I started using it only in the morning.

Overall, using it is a great experience. If you’re tired of trying thousands of underarm antiperspirants, try this. It will surely satisfy you with the result. 

Now I’m using it regularly when I have to go out to the office or work. If you can tolerate the burning feeling just after the application, this is for you.

Pick it or not?

As an antiperspirant from a sweat specialist brand, you may expect a lot from this. And guess what! It is able to fulfill your expectations. This antiperspirant underarm lotion from Carpe is a superhero for people who are suffering from a heavy sweating problem.

So, I suggest picking it up though the price is a bit high. The result you’ll get is worthy of the expenditure. 

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