Where Should I Spray My Cologne

Where Should I Spray My Cologne | Ultimate Guide of [2022]

Cologne is a significant part of your appearance. So, to get the best out of it, you should make sure that you’re spraying it properly. Proper use of cologne ensures durability. Besides, it enhances your presence. 

A common question about using cologne is about the exact places to spray the cologne. Randomly spraying on your body doesn’t bring a good result. There are some tricks that suggest the right places to spread your cologne. I’m going to talk about those. 

So, if you’re looking for such tricks, keep reading.

Where You should Spray Your Cologne

Clothes or Skin?

This is a common debate that I see everywhere. People are confused about where to spray the cologne – cloth or skin. 

Many have the opinion of using cologne on the cloth. The logic behind this is that cloth can capture cologne for a long time. Also, sweat washes away the cologne from the body, but can’t wash it away from the cloth. 

But the best way of using cologne is to apply it to your skin. When you apply cologne to your body, it mixes with the natural scents and oil of your body and spreads better. Also, when you spray cologne on your skin, your body heat helps it to disperse to all the notes- from top to bottom. So, you get the whole range of the perfume when you apply it to your skin. 

So I suggest spraying the cologne on your skin. But if your skin is sensitive to cologne, you should apply it to your clothes. 

Or you can pick both, but this will cause an overdose. 

No matter where you spray the cologne, make sure that you’re not spraying it on the air around you. Doing this won’t help it to last longer. Keep the bottle close to the surface while spraying. Don’t keep it too close. Allow some space so that it can spread appropriately. A 3-5 inch difference is good to go.

Where to Spray on Your Skin

You can spray the cologne anywhere on your body. But to spread it better, you should spray it on the pulse points. Warm zones of your body are called pulse points. When you spray the perfume, these warm areas project the scent in a better way. 

Some common pulse points are the neck, inner chest, wrist, inner elbows, etc. 

While spraying the cologne, make sure that you’re not spraying it in all the pulse points. Only spray to only one or two pulse points to avoid overdose. 

Some Tips on Using Fragrance

1. If you want your cologne to last longer on your clothes, you can follow a simple trick. Take a piece of tissue and spray some cologne on it. Now keep it in the closet where you put your clothes. If the closet is big, put 3-4 perfumed tissues. 

Doing this makes your clothes smell like you. While going out, you can just spray some cologne on your skin and you’re ready to make everyone notified about your presence subtly. 

2. In the case of perfume, less is more. If you overdo it, the actual purpose won’t be served and there is a huge chance that everyone will be annoyed. So, spray 2-3 times highest depending on its strength. If it is a strong one, two spritzes on two pulse points are enough. 

3. The best way of using perfume is on damp skin. After you finish your shower, your skin remains damp. Wipe the excess water from your body and spray some perfume on the pulse points. Then wear the clothes and you’re ready to go. 

4. Some rub the perfume after spraying. They believe that rubbing the perfume will let it mix better on your skin making it last longer. But the exact opposite thing happens when you rub the cologne after spraying. 

Cologne comes with a note structure. It hits the next note when the molecules break down. When you rub it after spraying, the molecules break down quickly. As a result, the top note disappears faster and the middle note appears. Thus, rubbing makes the cologne disappear faster. 

Final Verdict

The proper use of cologne is important. That’s why you have to know the exact way to use it. Even when you find the best one for you, you may not enjoy the pros of using cologne if you can’t apply it properly. 

That’s why I’ve discussed where you should spray the cologne. This will help you to make your cologne stay with you longer. 

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