Where to Sell Used Fragrances

Where to Sell Used Fragrances | The Ultimate Guide of [2022]

Using fragrance is a bit confusing. There are a lot of fragrances out there. If you have a signature fragrance and stick to that, you might not face any issues. But if you’re experimenting to pick the best one for you, you might face a situation where you have a lot of fragrance at home that you’ve rejected. 

You are not going to use those. Also, you might not want those to take over most of your closet. And, as you’ve spent a huge amount of money on them, you shouldn’t leave those there. 

In this case, you can pour some cash from them. You can sell these fragrances. 

Now the question is- “where the used fragrances can be sold?”

If you’re searching for the answer, don’t worry. There are a lot of comfortable options. You’ll find the options here in this article. So, stay with me. 

Places to Sell Used Fragrances

1. Social Media 

Social media can be one of the best places to sell your unused perfume. You can post that you want to sell an unused perfume on your profile and sell it to your friends and followers. 

Besides, there are fragrance groups on social media.

You can join the groups and sell your unused fragrances besides sharing your experiences.
Thus, social media can be the best place if you want to sell your unused fragrances. 

2. Online Marketplaces for Used Goods 

You’ll find a lot of online marketplaces where you can sell your unused fragrances. Just search in Google and you’ll find many platforms. In fact, you might find some that work dedicatedly only with fragrances. 

All you need to do is to sign up for an account, get some good pictures of the fragrances you want to sell, set a reasonable price, and post on the website. You’ll find a lot of customers for your used fragrances

3. Businesses who Buy Used Perfumes 

There are a lot of businesses that buy used perfumes and sell those to others. You can sell your used perfumes there too. 

In this way, you don’t have to wait until your sell post reaches a potential customer. These platforms take almost all types of perfumes. So, if things are okay, you can sell your used perfumes almost instantly. 

‘We Buy Perfume’ is a similar platform that buys your used perfume from you and thus provides you a scope to turn your perfume into liquid cash. 

These are some awesome ways to sell your used perfumes. Let me help you with another issue- setting the price. 

How to Set the Price for a Used Perfume 

How to Set the Price for a Used Perfume 

Setting the price of a used perfume is crucial as it doesn’t have any certain rules to follow. The concept of pricing varies depending on individuals. So, the price you set might not seem reasonable to many others. However, you can follow the guide below. 

1. For almost full bottles

If your perfume bottle is almost full because of not using it, you may ask for the market price. But the bottle is unsealed. So, you can’t do that. 

In this case, you can set the price by cutting around 30% from the market price. This is a good practice. 

2. If you’ve used almost half 

If you’ve already used almost half of the perfume in the bottle, the price should be significantly lessened. 

In this case, you may think of setting the price as half of the market price. But you should go for less. You can ask for 30-35% of the market price. 

3. If that’s a limited edition 

Limited edition fragrances are popular among collectors. They can go an extra mile for these. So, if your bottle is almost full and you want to sell it, you can easily set the price as 150-200% of the regular price. This can be possible when the fragrance is not available in the market. 

If it is available, you have to go for regular pricing, 70%. Or you can go for 90-100% too if that has demand on the market. 

4. If this is an antique

If the fragrance is an antique, the price can be anything. There are a lot of people who love to buy antique fragrances to enrich their collections. In these cases, most of the time, price doesn’t matter. The older that fragrance is, the higher the price. 

In this case, social media groups and threads can be helpful to take pricing ideas. Also, while setting the price, you might find a potential buyer too from social media. 

Final Verdict

Selling a used fragrance is not a big deal as there are a lot of established platforms for this. All you need to do is to find a suitable platform, set the price, and post for selling. I guess this article will help you to do this very well. 

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