Duke Cannon Bourbon Cologne Review

Duke Cannon Bourbon Cologne Review of 2022 | [Explained]

Bourbon from Duke Cannon is counted as one of the manliest fragrances you’ll find in the market. This is a solid cologne and very easy to carry. Solid cologne is not a very new concept in the industry. Similarly, Bourbon from Duke Cannon is not a new one. 

Here in this article, I’m going to discuss details of this cologne and my experience with it. Starting from what are the ingredients to how long it lasts- I’ll talk about all so that you get a total idea about it. This will help you to make a decision- purchase it or not. However, let’s start with knowing something about Duke Cannon.

About Duke Cannon

Duke Cannon is a man’s grooming brand from America focused on developing and delivering grooming products for hard-working men. They believe that hard-working men are the actual reflection of how men should be. So, they proudly say that their products are for men, not for boys. 

The main purpose of Duke Cannon is to stand as a brand that is used by strong, hard-working, and family-centric men. That’s why their products are introduced similarly. 

So, let’s see how manly the Bourbon Solid Cologne from Duke Cannon is.

Duke Cannon Bourbon Cologne Review

Duke Cannon Bourbon Cologne Review

The review is based on personal and user reviews. So, you can depend on it.


I love how they’ve designed the packaging- just a thin and flattened tin box full of solid perfume. The design of the box reminds the classic western signboards. I simply love it. A ‘man’ should love it. 


Bourbon comes with coconut oil, sunflower oil, calendula extract, rosemary extract, and different sources of Vitamin E. To maintain the solid structure, it contains Beeswax. Besides, the added fragrance comes as a part of the ingredients. 


Bourbon spreads the smell of comes with a woodsy scent, in order to express the manliness. The smell is almost similar to the oak barrels arranged in racks in a distillery. It’ll bring you back to the time when life was full of strong whisky and warm fireplaces in cold weather. 

The smell is exactly like the Big American Bourbon Soap from Duke Cannon. If you’ve used it before, you should be able to guess the fragrance.

This scent is really cool, and represents a hard-working ‘man’. It is unique and you’ll find no other fragrance that comes with such a manly smell. So, if you want to express yourself proudly as a hard-working man, you should go for it. 

This is so different compared to the recent and so-called classy scents for men. And the best thing is- women love this manly smell.

The fragrance is strong and lasts for a long time but doesn’t announce its presence by disturbing others. It subtly gets spread and finds people who can truly admire it. Wear it and I’m sure you’ll be noticed in a good way. 

Some say that the smell is not strong. Maybe they are the people who like to shower with fragrance. Its subtle smell is good enough to announce your presence.

How to Use

Using Bourbon solid cologne is very easy. Just rub your fingertips on it and then apply the cologne to your pulse points. You can go for all the pulse points which will make the fragrance stronger. But, applying on 2-3 pulse points is enough in my opinion. I typically apply it to the wrists and neck. 

As the box is easy to carry, you can always put on some of it if you think that the fragrance has become weak. 

My Overall Experience

My experience with Duke Cannon Bourbon was awesome. The scent was just perfect. It made me nostalgic and workaholic. It is great to wear at night too. My girlfriend wanted me to wear it always. 

I found it durable. On regular use, it became almost stable on my body. 

I carried it almost everywhere- from the gym to tours. The box has made it very easy to carry and go through airport security.

Finishing the 1.5 oz. the box was not easy for me. I used to apply a small amount. If you’re not a heavy user, a box will survive for a few years. 

Overall, I’ve loved using Duke Cannon Bourbon solid cologne. It was better than my previous spray perfumes from almost every aspect. 

Buy It or Not?

If you think and want to express yourself as a hard-working man, maybe you should go for it. The cologne comes with a lot of nostalgia, manliness, and boldness. So, your personality should match with it too. If everything matches, you can go for it.

If you ask me, I would suggest giving it a try. It costs less than a premium liquid fragrance. So, you can try this. I bet you’ll love it. Just be open to experience.

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