How to Put on Lipstick With a Lip Ring

How to Put on Lipstick With a Lip Ring – Proper Guidelines

If you have your lips pierced and have one or more lip rings, you must know how tough it is to put on lipstick properly, especially when you’re in a hurry. Even if you spend a huge time on it, it results in dented lipstick in most cases. And when it is not dented, it is uneven on your lips. 

When this is the case and you’re still looking for a way to put on the lipstick properly on your lips, maybe this article can help you. Here I’ve talked about a simple process of applying lipstick when you have one or more lip rings. 

So, worry no more and keep reading. 

Steps to Put on Lipstick with a Lip Ring

Before jumping to the process, let me tell you an important thing. While you’re applying lipstick on a lip with rings, picking up the right lipstick is important. Rings can remove the lipstick around them. So, pick one that stays for a long time. This reduces the incident. 

Now, let’s start the process.

Step 1- Exfoliate Your Lips

Eliminating the dead skin cells from the lips by exfoliating is important. Lip exfoliation doesn’t need a strong one. You’ll find a lot out there which are made especially for lips. Pick one in this case. 

Step 2- Draw the Outline

After you’ve removed all the dead skin cells, it is time to draw the outline. Use a lip liner for this. I suggest going for a clean or nude one. 

As lip liner is a pencil type one, you can easily use it around the ring. Move the ring to a side a bit, hold it, and draw the line to the opposite side using the liner. Then move the ring to the opposite side, hold it, and draw the line. 

If you have multiple rings, repeat the same trick for all of those. 

Step 3- Apply the Primer

I guess you use a lip primer. It moisturizes your lips and allows the lipstick to sit evenly for a long time.

Apply the primer using a brush with a thin tip. While applying under the ring, you can follow two techniques. You can go for moving the ring, just like how you’ve drawn the outline. 

Or, you can dab your lips a bit using the tip of the brush. This will make some open place under the ring for the brush to enter. If you want, you can hold the ring for better penetration. 

Step 4- Apply the Lipstick

Now it is time to apply lipstick.

If you’re using a brush, do as you’ve done at the time of applying the primer. 

If you’re using a lipstick tube, find out the thinnest point. Hold the ring up and utilize the pointed part to apply lipstick under the ring. 

If you’re using dark lipsticks, be more careful while applying the lipstick. 

Step 5- Use the Translucent Powder

Translucent powder helps the lipstick to sit properly on the lips. It makes sure that the ring doesn’t wipe away the lipstick when the ring moves. 

Apply a good quality translucent powder so that the lipstick sits firmly. 

This is the process of applying lipstick properly when you have rings on your lips. 

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Final Verdict

As lip rings wipe the lipstick from your lips, you should be more careful when you have lip rings. That’s where the translucent powder comes. I hope this process will help you to keep your lipstick longer. 

If you find this useful, spread it to your other friends who have pierced their lips.

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