Babor Thermal Spray Review

Babor Thermal Spray Review of [2022] | The Ultimate Guide

Starting from being a protective layer for your makeup to soothing your skin- a thermal spray can do a lot of things. But you won’t find many thermal sprays that can be as supportive as Babor Cleansing Thermal Spray. 

From Babor, this is another effective product that can give your skin an instant result with long-term goodness. I’ve used this recently and tried to check if it is worthy of the hype it has created. Here in this Babor Thermal Spray review, I’m going to talk about everything- about the product, the ingredients, and the results. 

So, if you’re thinking of enjoying the goodness of Babor through this thermal water spray, go through the article. It’ll help you to make a suitable decision. 

But before jumping to the product, let’s know something about the brand Babor.

About Babor

Doctor Babor, widely known as Babor, is a brand based in Germany that started its journey in 1956. It entered the skincare industry with an aim of setting new standards by offering quality products for all types of skins. 

Babor uses new and effective natural ingredients along with its unique innovation to solve issues related to skin and beauty. Instead of just creating hype, Babor has come to the market to serve and survive. So, it makes sure that the products ensure a visible result and long-term benefit.

The products from Babor are clinical-grade products that ensure results that most other brands can’t deliver. These are safe, dependable, effective, and obviously made as luxury items.

Babor Thermal Spray Review

Babor Thermal Spray Review


Babor claims that this thermal spray comes with pure thermal spring water brought from Aachen, Germany. This thermal water contains a lot of trace elements and minerals. As a result, it has a good impact on all types of skin. 

Besides, it has another important thing called ProVitamin B5. It instantly hydrates the skin and holds the hydration for a long time. 

Some other ingredients are PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, etc. 


I ordered the 100ml travel-size bottle as I wanted to keep it always with me. The bottle comes in a perfect size to grip easily. 

The white spray bottle is simple to look at. It is white in color and has a minimalistic design on it. It doesn’t show the luxury of Babor. Instead, it is a simple spray bottle full of happiness and freshness in it. This is what I like- simple from the outside and great inside. 


Applying it is very easy. Hold the bottle 3-4 inches away from your face and neck, and spray it directly.

If you want you can tap your skin gently with your fingertips to make sure that the spray sits properly on your skin. But it is not mandatory. However, I did this sometimes.

Result of Babor Thermal Spray


Just after applying it to my skin, I felt the soothing and fresh vibe of it. I was out for my work and feeling irritated because of the sun’s rays. Just 3-4 sprays of it gave me a refreshed feeling. Besides, it helped my dry skin to get instant hydration. Overall, it changed my look and mood at the same time. Its refreshing and charming smell lifted my mood within no time.

So, it was very impressive.

Many have said that they use it after makeup to make sure that the makeup sits properly. So, I wanted to try this too.

The next day, after applying makeup, I sprayed a bit of it on my face to check its effectiveness in firming makeup. Well, it was great in it too. 

I used to apply makeup in a way so that it stays all day long on my face until I get home. It helped my makeup to stay more than that. From then, it has become an essential part of my skincare routine and got a permanent place inside my bag. 

I use it to instantly lift my mood, soothe my skin when it is irritated, hydrate my skin when it is dry, keep my makeup stable, and work on my skin before going to bed. Babor says it saves the skin’s protective barrier. After using it for a month, I felt that too. 

Overall this is a great thermal spray to have in your skincare routine. After checking the price tag it comes with, it may seem not to be worthy to you. But it is, I’m telling you.

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Pick it or not?

You’ve already understood that I’m going to tell you to pick this awesome thermal spray. Yes, you’re right. I love this thermal spray for a lot of reasons I’ve already talked about. 

As an on-the-go mood-lifting tool or a savior of your skin, you should pick it, even if the price seems a bit high. It does the job of multiple items. 

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