Dr Babor Collagen Cream Reviews

Dr Babor Collagen Cream Reviews | Ultimate Guide of [2022]

When aging signs and broken skin are the concern, an anti-aging cream is surely a good solution. Anti-aging creams come in different forms. Among those, collagen creams are most effective in maximum cases. If the collagen cream is from Babur, I guess it’ll be better than most creams out there. 

So, I wanted to try Babor collagen cream. It claims that this cream makes your skin younger and many users have said that they’ve got the results within a month. I’ve seen many anti-aging creams to do this but wanted to check that Babur actually does. 

Here in this Dr Babur Collagen Cream review, I’m sharing my experience with this cream from Babur. The experience was pleasant, just like other products from Babur. I’m describing it a few minutes later. First, let’s talk a bit about Babur.

About Babur

Doctor Babur, widely known as Babur, is a Germany-based skincare brand that started its journey in the mid-twentieth century with a view to explore and enhance the goodness of natural ingredients with the help of science and research.

Using some ground-breaking research, this brand has introduced some great products for solving issues of different types of skin. With clinical-grade products, Babur ensures long-term effects on your skin so that you don’t have to suffer later. 

The products from Babur are setting examples in the market. These are dependable, perfect, and suitable for your skin. This luxury-skincare brand is blowing the minds of the customers. 

Babor Collagen Cream Reviews

Dr Babor Collagen Cream Reviews


Babor collagen cream is focused on lifting the skin by boosting the amount of collagen on your skin. That’s why it comes with marine collagen that tightens the skin by enhancing its elasticity. Thus, it reduces the depth of wrinkles and lines. The Tripeptides complex also focuses on increasing the elasticity of the skin.

Besides, the Hyaluronic Acid in it boosts up the level of hydration and soothes the dryness. To fulfill and protect the skin’s barrier, it comes with Moisturizing Squalene. 

Within a short time, we’ll see how the ingredients worked on my skin.


The Lifting RX Collagen Cream from Babur comes in a shiny silver-colored casket. It gives you a premium feel. The minimalistic design has enhanced the luxury tone in the design. Overall, the packaging is good and satisfactory.

The cream inside the casket is white in color. It is a thinner cream compared to most others. The texture is smooth and soft. 


I applied it just like I do in the case of other creams. I took some dream on my fingertip, put it on my face, and gently massage it on the skin’s surface ensuring that it is being spread all over my skin. 

Applying for it was an enjoyable experience. Because of the smooth texture, it gave me a pleasant feeling. Besides, it took almost no time to get absorbed in the skin. I was amazed to see how fast it penetrates my skin. It was faster than I thought.

Result of babor collagen cream


It gave me an amazing outcome. Hyaluronic acid gave my skin an instant hydration boost. Thus, just after the application, my skin started looking plumper than it was ever before. It was very moisturizing from the very first application.  

Babur suggests using it twice- in the morning and before going to sleep. So, I started using it accordingly. 

Within 3-4 days, it started removing the lines of my skin. The appearance of wrinkles started disappearing. Within a week, I saw visible improvement in my skin. It started being hydrated and plumped all day long. My colleagues started asking about the treatment I’ve done on my skin.

Within a month, my skin was lifted a lot. The result amazed me a lot. I was expecting a visible lift but didn’t think that it can come this faster. I stopped applying heavy makeup because it made my skin so young that I started looking better on light makeup or almost zero makeup. In fact, it effectively lessened the puffiness under my eyes.

After a month, I started using it only once a day because it comes with a costly price tag and I was looking to save some money. However, doing this didn’t bring any visible impact on my skin. It continued the plumped look that I got when I used the cream twice a day. 

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Final Verdict

If you’re struggling with the lines and wrinkles on your face or looking for younger skin, Babor has the best product for you. Collagen-enriched Babor Collagen Cream is all you should pick. I’m telling it from my experience. 

It’ll cost you around a hundred and fifty bucks, but it is worth it. If you think the price is high, use it once every 24 hours. Doing this may make the result slower, but you’ll surely see the improvement. 

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