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Cel Microstem Shampoo Reviews – [Ultimate Guide of 2022]

Hair thinning is a concerning issue as it ruins your look. Besides, pollution and many other external and internal factors cause dry hair and flaky scalp. When you have all these problems, looking for a good shampoo to solve these issues is important. 

You’ll find a lot of shampoos out there in the market and each claims itself as the best shampoo for solving the problems. Don’t be confused because I’m going to introduce you to a shampoo that actually takes care of your hair and scalp. 

Cel Microstem shampoo is widely known for its thickening and hydrating properties. Though I started using it for testing its effectiveness, I ended up making it my regular one. 

You can already understand that my experience with Cel Microstem shampoo was amazing. Here in this Cel Microstem Shampoo review, I’m sharing how amazing it was. After going through the review, you’ll be able to come to a conclusion about it. 

But before that, why don’t we know a bit about Cel.

About Cel

Cel started its journey with a view to utilizing the mixture of science and nature in hair care products to solve the issues people face. It uses naturally sourced and premium-grade ingredients to develop products through scientific research. 

The journey started in 2018. This is not a long journey if you look at the years. But within this short time, Cel has satisfied a lot of users with the quality of their products. You’ll find a lot of positive reviews about the products.

The product line of Cel is growing contentiously. Through thorough research and continuous development, Cel is improving and the improvement will be continued for a long time

So, this is a brief about Cel. Let’s jump back to Cel Microstem shampoo. 

Cel Microstem Shampoo Review


Cel picks natural ingredients, optimizes those scientifically, and makes their products. Below are the main ingredients of Cel Microstem shampoo. 

Ginseng Stem Cell extracts focus on cleansing the scalp and eliminating the impurities from it. Thus it ensures a better scalp environment. Hydrolyzed Keratin makes sure that the hair strands are getting the natural protein. Thus it makes hair strands strong and healthy.

Being extracted from Ground Maca Root, Skinhairgium works to stimulate the factors of the hair growth stage. Last but not the least, Saw Palmetto enhances the hair volume. Besides, it cleanses your scalp too. 

Cel Microstem Shampoo Reviews

My experience

Now, let’s talk about my experience.

My experience was not satisfactory when I used it for the first time, to be honest. I was struggling with the pump at first. But I figured it out after a while. You need to hold the base of the pump firmly and rotate the pump counter-clockwise- it’ll pop out. 

However, after the first application, I didn’t see any major chance on my hair. So, I was a bit disappointed. When you pick such an expensive shampoo, you’ll expect results from the first day. I expected too and became disappointed. 

However, I wanted to give it a try. So, I decided not to stop and continued using it for a week. 

The next day, I applied it again to my hair. This showed me a slight improvement. My hairs were less dry than before. So, I was excited. 

My third application was on an alternate day. This time my hair was shinier than before. I continued applying it on alternate days to see the result. 

After two weeks, my hair was very much improved. I was seeing moisturized hair that I was expecting from it. After each application, my hair was getting better. Besides, I was feeling less irritation on my scalp. 

Within a month, it made my hair softer. Besides, I was seeing less breakage. 

As I’ve continued till now, I have way softer, shinier, and thicker hair with a better scalp than before. My hairs also become more manageable. This is what I was expecting from this shampoo, and I got it. 

This is not the best shampoo I’ve used, but definitely one of the best. I’m not switching until I get a better one. 

By the way, I was also applying the Cel Microstem conditioner with it. So, the result I’ve seen is the combining result of the shampoo and the conditioner. I’m not sure about the result you’ll get using only the shampoo. 

Overall, this is an amazing shampoo for sure. But the issue is- it is a bit expensive compared to many similar shampoos. So, making a decision is a bit tough. 

Pick it or not?

To me, the result it provides is worthy of spending the amount it demands. If you’re struggling with your hair and using several shampoos to find the perfect cure, this is the one for you. 

In my case, spending this amount on shampoo was not a worthy decision for me. But after seeing the results, my decision has changed and I’m using it regularly. 

So, I suggest trying it once to see its effects on your hair. If you’re satisfied with the result and think it is worthy of the price tag, you can continue using it. 

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