Chantecaille Bio Lifting Cream Review

Chantecaille Bio Lifting Cream Review – [Best of 2022]

Using a moisturizing cream is a must, especially when you’re stepping in your mid-twenties. This is the time where we start aging because of the stress, struggle, and not taking care of ourselves. A lifting cream helps greatly in this case by keeping your skin tight and free from aging signs. 

And when we’re talking about lifting cream, we should pick one that is actually beneficial for us. That’s why you should focus on the creams that come with natural ingredients. Natural ingredients are great for your skin because they keep your skin safe while working on delivering the promised benefits. 

The Bio Lifting Cream+ from Chantecaille is such a cream that keeps your skin hydrated and the aging signs away. It comes with an expensive price tag. So, checking the Chantecaille Bio Lifting Cream reviews before purchasing is a must. That’s why I’m writing here to help you by sharing my experience. Let’s start talking about it in detail. 

Chantecaille Bio Lifting Cream Review

Let’s check the ingredients first.


Caffeine Free Coffee Stem Cell Extract hydrates your skin and keeps it plumped and smooth. Daphne Stem Cell Extract is there to protect your skin from different harsh weather conditions. Also, it keeps your skin moisturized. Imperata Cylindrica Extract also ensures moisture in the upper skin cells for around 24 hours. 

Bionymph Peptide Stem Cell Extract works to reduce the visibility of fine lines. To fight age spots Plantago Stem Cell Extract is there. Matrixyl™ 3000 Tripeptide and Anti-Wrinkle Hexapeptide works on wrinkles and removes those. 

Raspberry Stem Cell Extract focuses on reducing the redness of the skin and fights oxidative damages. And finally, flower waxes keep your skin soft and smooth. 

Bio Lifting Cream Review

My Experience

As Bio Lifting Cream+ is full of natural and effective ingredients, I was expecting a great result from it. It didn’t disappoint me. 

The appearance was satisfactory. The white cream inside a premium-looking white casket is something you can pay this huge amount for. However, appearance matters, but not more than performance.

Touching the cream is a different experience. The texture is velvety- smooth, creamy, and gorgeous. It was neither very thin nor very thick. I think the thickness is in the side of slightly thin.

The cream comes with an amazing moisturizing capability. So, it goes best with dry skin. Mine is not very dry. But as it was winter, it was close to dry. That’s why my skin was in an ideal condition to test this cream.

I applied the cream on my face along with my neck as always. The result just after the application was mind-blowing. It instantly hydrated my skin like no moisturizing cream has done before. My dry skin started looking plumped and supple with just one use. 

But I believe in long-term results instead of sudden results. So, I decided to wait until it is morning to check the condition of my face. 

The next morning, my facial skin was still properly hydrated and smooth. 

Now I decided to use it for a month to check any other visible improvement.

Though it can be used on both day and night both, I decided to use it at night only. 

Within a week, my face started glowing like never before. I could see and feel that my skin is getting the nutrition and hydration it needs. 

My skin was overall moderately tight. But within three weeks, it lifted the weak points of my skin and gave it overall tightness. It literally reduced my age, I could feel it. 

Overall, I found this cream great. It worked on my face to bring tightness, deliver ample hydration, keep the aging signs away, and increase the glow of my skin. Using it is a great experience. It is smooth, easy to apply, and great to feel. 

But when it is about the price, I am not satisfied. It works great, but spending three hundred and fifty bucks for it is not possible for all. I started using it on alternate nights so that it lasts long. This doesn’t have a visible impact on the results. So, I’m continuing it. 

Should I buy it or not?

From my Chantecaille Bio Lifting Cream review, you can easily understand that this cream is amazing in meeting the promises. The only issue is the expensive price tag. So, I suggest you use it if this huge price doesn’t matter to you.

This cream is great and it does what it says. So, using it is worth it. Go for it. 

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