Elizabeth Arden Body Lotion Review

Elizabeth Arden Body Lotion Review – The Ultimate Guide

The main purpose of using body lotion is to keep dry skin moisturized and hydrated. But this is not the only part to focus on when buying a body lotion. Besides its effectiveness in hydration, the scent, ingredients, suitable skin type, etc. are important. So, at the time of picking a body lotion, you need to look at a lot of things. 

I’ve talked about a lot of products from Elizabeth Arden. Here, I’m going to discuss my experience with another product from this brand- Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Refreshing Body Lotion. As you’re looking to buy body lotion, this will help you. 

Like most other products from Elizabeth Arden, I am satisfied with this too. Besides being moisturizing, it comes with the power of refreshing your mind. Just like a perfume, it comes with three different notes of fragrances. 

Before talking more about it, allow me to talk about Elizabeth Arden, the brand.

About Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden, with a birth name Florence Nightingale Graham, is the creator of the brand Elizabeth Arden. She moved to New York City from Canada and started her journey with a salon called Red Door Salon. 

She believed that beauty shouldn’t be just a coating over the skin; it should be a long-term thing that comes from the inside. That’s why she used to develop products that help women to explore their inner beauty. 

The products from Elizabeth Arden are for instant lift-up with long-term benefits. Even after the death of this legendary beauty innovator, the Elizabeth Arden brand is proudly developing and delivering quality products in the market. 

Elizabeth Arden Body Lotion Review


It contains phyto lipids and humectants to deliver and lock moisture in your skin. Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract or Tea Tree oil is there to keep dry skin calm and soothed. Also, Shea butter is there in it.

I was expecting a more natural touch. So, I was a bit disappointed. But the overall combination of ingredients is good here. 


As a refreshing body lotion, it comes with different layers of scents that refresh your mind. I was in love with the crispy and cool middle note that contains green tea, spicy cinnamon, cool minty peppermint, sweet jasmine, fresh fennel, and crisp celery spice. 

The top note contains caraway, bergamot, lemon, fruity rhubarb, and orange zest. The base note is earthy and musky. It comes with the smells of oak moss, amber, and musk and lasts for a long time.

Elizabeth Arden Body Lotion

The Result

It comes with the ability to instantly hydrate the skin within no time. That’s what I’ve experienced. Just after the application, my dry skin turned into a plump and hydrated surface. Also, as it is packed with humectants, your skin can carry the hydration for a long time. I wasn’t expecting the effectiveness to stay as long as 12 hours, but it was.

So, I typically used it twice in 24 hours and it was great. With time, I started using it once in 24 hours and the result was almost the same. 

From the point of scent, it is very refreshing. It has the ability to lift your mood. The notes it comes with are very natural and energizing. So, there was no chance of staying in dull mode wearing it. It is a package of freshness, earthiness, and natural feeling. 

Overall, it gave me a good experience of using body lotion. Besides providing the essential hydration and moisture, it helped my skin to get rid of the extreme dryness by soothing it. The multiple notes of the fragrance are an amazing part of it. People started asking me about the perfume I use. Haha.

Pick it or not

If you’re searching for a body lotion to help you to avoid dry skin, this is for you. If you’re looking for something that can lift your mood within no time, this is for you. If you need a combination of both, this is for you. 

Even the price tag says it is not very expensive.  

Yes, I’m suggesting you pick this body lotion. The only issue is- it might not be suitable for sensitive skin. 

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