Instyler CeraSilk Styling Iron Reviews

Instyler CeraSilk Styling Iron Reviews – The Ultimate Guide

Styling irons help you to switch between different hairstyles using heat. You can straighten your curly hair or vice versa with the help of it. But as applying heat regularly is harmful to your hair, you should go for the styling irons that cause minimum harm. 

You’ll find several styling irons from different brands that come with some awesome technologies to keep your hair as safe as possible. Instyler has also introduced such a styling iron. Among the styling irons I’ve used, it is the best assistant in my hair styling journey for sure. 

I’m going to talk about my thoughts on this styling iron in this article. I’ve already passed a long journey with this. So, I think I have enough ideas about it that I can share with you girls. If you’re willing to know about the real experience of using it, stay with me.

Before sharing my experience with the styling iron, let me talk a bit about the manufacturer, Instyler.

About Instyler

Instyler is a hairstyling brand that offers a wide range of hairstyling products and tools. It has introduced around 24 hairstyling tools under the brand. Also, you’ll find several hairstyling products and accessories. 

The brand started its journey in 2008 and started developing some convenient and safe options for styling hair. The focus of this brand is to develop and offer products and tools for all hair types. So, you can expect something specifically made for your hair from this brand.

With people having long-term experience in product innovation and styling, Instyler is moving forward with a vision of introducing better tools and products in the market. 

nstyler CERASILK Styling Iron Review

Instyler CERASILK Styling Iron Reviews


The styling iron is a white-colored tool with a black electric cord. The cord is around 8-feet long and allows you to move it almost freely. The edges of this tool are beveled to make sure that you can easily curl or straighten your hair. 

I don’t like the white appearance. But color doesn’t matter that much to me. It is very lightweight in hand and comfortable to use. This is what actually matters. 

Features It Has

It comes with powerful heaters made of ceramic that heats up easily. So, you don’t have to wait for a long time to get your styling done. You’ll find four heat settings here- 440°F, 400°F, 350°F, and 300°F. Switching between the settings is really easy. 

To keep the heat controlled, it comes with Digital Heat Temperature Control. 

Also, it comes with an automatic shut-off feature that saves you from wasting electricity and even accidents. 

Also, you’ll find a removable comb attachment with it that combs your hair besides styling.

How To Use Instyler CERASILK Styling Iron

How To Use

Instyler has suggested how you have to use it to style your hair. Below are the ways of using it.

For Straightening

To straighten your hair, at first, take a section of your hair and brush it to detangle. Then, attach the removable comb attachment to the styling iron and place it at the roots. Move towards the end of the hair. 

Take another section and do the same. Thus continue until you’ve finished straightening your hair.

For Bending

Take a separate section of your hair and use a comb to detangle it. 

Place CERASILK at the root and hold it horizontally. Start rotating the wrist to the front to create a bend out. After rotating all the way, rotate towards the back to create a reverse bend. 

Repeat and continue this until you get your expected portion of the hair bent. 

For Curls

Take a section of your hair and put CERASILK a few inches away from the root. Or you can start from where you want the curls. 

Place your hair between two plates, close it, and twist your hair down.

If you want more curls, go for applying more tension. Thus, you’ll get curly hair.

My Experience

My Experience

I’ve been using this styling iron for a long time. My experience is great from the very first time I’ve used it. Because of the lightness, it was giving me the comfort I was looking for from using a styling iron. I found that picking my expected heat was very easy. 

I’ve also seen that it heats up pretty quickly. Instyler said so. Still, I was a bit confused but the definition of ‘quickly’ is not similar in everyone’s case. But my definition matched the definition of Instyler and it made me happy.

The auto shut-off option has saved me. Because of hurrying, I used to leave the iron on. So, I had to keep this in my mind always. But using CERASILK helped me to keep the tension away. 

Overall, I love using it. In stylizing my hair or switching between the options, it is helping me a lot. 

Instyler says that it doesn’t harm the color of your hair. I didn’t have the scope to test it as I don’t typically use colors on my hair. 

I was not willing to pay more than a hundred bucks for a hair styling iron as there are so many cheaper options in the market. But my friend insisted to buy this one. After buying it, I was amazed to see the performance. Right now, it is one of the must-have parts of my hair styling cabinet.

Pick it or not?

If you don’t think that spending more than a hundred bucks for a styling iron is too much, this is for you. It might cost you more than most others in the market, but it is worth it. It is designed to minimize the damage that results from heat styling. You won’t find many tools doing the same. 

So, go pick this up and enjoy styling your hair. 

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