Elizabeth Arden Mineral Powder Foundation Review

Elizabeth Arden Mineral Powder Foundation Review of [2022]

Hello beauties, how’s it going? 

I always look for products that are depending on natural ingredients because those focus on the wellness of our skin besides serving a specific purpose. So, I always pick mineral foundations over regular ones.

Recently I’ve bought myself a mineral foundation from Elizabeth Arden- Elizabeth Arden Mineral Powder Foundation. I’ve used it a few times already. So, today I’m going to talk about my experience with this mineral powder foundation. But before that, let me tell you a bit about Elizabeth Arden.

About Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden is a brand owned by a Canadian-American woman, Florence Nightingale Graham. She started her journey with this name in 1910. Her journey has started from a salon, and now this is a brand known all over the world for quality and luxury makeup, perfume, skincare, and gift items.

The main focus of Elizabeth Arden was to develop beauty products that are actually useful for the skin. She developed her products that focus on delivering benefits, not just working as a coat. 

I am a fan of Elizabeth Arden because of the fragrances it provides. But now I guess I’m a fan of its foundation too. Let’s see what I think about it.

Elizabeth Arden Mineral Powder Foundation Review

Powder Foundation Review


Elizabeth Arden Mineral Powder Foundation comes in a small golden and silver-colored compact with a polished finish. The combination of golden and silver seems a bit unattractive to me. It could be only golden or only silver. However, as long as the product is working well, small issues with the container don’t matter to me. 

On the top of the compact, you’ll see nothing except the Red Door logo of Elizabeth Arden. At the bottom, you’ll see a lot of information including ingredients, amount, shade, etc. 

The compact comes with a built-in grinder. Just a small twist and it’ll grind you a small amount of foundation enough for applying once. 

Overall, I like the appearance and love the built-in grinder. 


Checking for the ingredients is my favorite thing to do. I always check the names of the ingredients and make sure that any allergic or unsafe ingredient is not there. 

Luckily I haven’t found any ingredient that can cause any harm to my skin. You should check the ingredients too. You’ll find the full ingredient list on their official website. 

My Experience

The hand feel of the compact is really good- neither too small nor too large. The grinder has worked perfectly every time and gave me the exact amount I need. 

I was very fortunate that I could pick the right shade. I’ve seen the reviews that a lot of people didn’t find their perfect shade. 

At first, I used the applicator that comes with the compact. It was okay as an applicator but I required a better one. So, I picked a brush from my collection. 

The powder was very light and I could barely feel that there was something on my face. Even I applied a few layers but I couldn’t feel the weight. From this point of view, this is a perfect foundation everyone looks for. 

I had a few imperfections on my face and it perfectly covered all those. But I guess it won’t be able to cover stronger imperfections. For that, you may have to use a BB cream with it. 

It was for almost 8 hours on my face and I didn’t feel any issue. 

I’ve used this a few times and still haven’t faced any skin-drying or similar issues. I guess the sea water complex has done its job perfectly by balancing the natural balance of hydration. 

Pros and Cons of Mineral Powder Foundation


  • Blends easily and quickly without sitting on fine lines
  • Built-in grinder gives you exactly the amount needed for single use
  • Ensures natural finish to look good
  • Sit on face for a long time
  • Doesn’t irritate or dry skin
  • Suitable for all types of skin (According to Elizabeth Arden)
  • Free from fragrance and talc (According to Elizabeth Arden)
  • Dermatologist tested for allergy (According to Elizabeth Arden) 


  • The fixed grinder doesn’t let you check how much foundation is left
  • The applicator could be better

Buy It or Not?

I don’t suggest buying it if you want to remove strong and deep imperfections on your face. In such a case, you’ll have to apply a lot and it’ll be finished quickly. When you’re spending such an amount on a foundation, you deserve to use it for a long time. 

For light makeup, I’ve found it perfect. So, if you think you don’t need much, you can go for it. 

So, this is my Elizabeth Arden Mineral Powder Foundation Review. Let me know your experience. 

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