Elizabeth Arden Red Door Aura Review

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Aura Review of 2022 – [Explained]

I love exploring fragrances as those give me a fresh feeling and help me stay charming without much effort. Thus, collecting and using fragrances has become one of my most favorite hobbies nowadays. I have multiple fragrances in my collection and it is growing gradually. 

Recently I’ve picked a perfume from Elizabeth Arden. It is called Red Door Aura. Red Door from Elizabeth Arden was amazing for me. So, I wanted to check the new one out. 

I’ve been using the Red Door Aura for a few days and now I’m going to talk about my experience. But before that, let’s know a few things about Elizabeth Arden.

About Elizabeth Arden

The brand Elizabeth Arden is the trade name for Florence Nightingale Graham. She started her business Red Door Salon in New York in 1910. Her vision was to make products that benefit women, not just coat the skin. 

She started expanding her business in 1915. With time, her Red Door Salon has spread across the world. 

Elizabeth Arden was the pioneer of a lot of things in this industry, including eye makeup. Now, the brand Elizabeth Arden offers a lot of luxury makeup, perfume, skincare, and gift items.

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Aura Review

Before picking up a fragrance, typically I look for the reviews and the experiences of the users. The reviews of Red Door Aura made me confused because this is a fragrance that people have rated extremely high or extremely low. So, things were pretty confusing. 

However, I decided to give it a try because I really liked the Rod Door. As this is from the same person, I thought it would satisfy me. 

Below I’m going to share a lot about Red Door Aura and my experience with this. 

About Red Door Aura

About Red Door Aura

The Aura version of Rad Door is also created by the creator of the original Red Door- Carlos Benaim. He created this fragrance in 2012 for a youthful and sophisticated feminine vibe. According to Elizabeth Arden, this fragrance will unleash your effortless beauty. So, it can be a good choice for you if you don’t like to put much effort into staying flawless. 


Red Door Aura Eau de Toilette comes in a red bottle sized 50ml and 100ml. The bottle is intended to look like a door to represent the name Red Door Aura. Yeah, I like the appearance. 


The notes of this perfume are mixtures of woody and flowery fragrances. The additional creamy sweetness has increased the feminine vibe. 

Top note- It all starts with flowers. The strong fragrances of Luscious Raspberry, Fressia, and Bergamot Lily come in the top note. It is all about flowers now. 

Middle Note- The top note fades away gradually and reveals the middle note. This is also a flowery part, but this time it is more intense and rich. The smell of Jasmine Petal along with Rose and Orange Flower has made it attractive and elegant. 

Base Note- Base note is calmer and more attractive. The earthy fragrance of Sandalwood and Soft Musk has kept it down to earth but still elegant. But it can’t leave its strong appearance in the base note because of the smell of the Cream Amber. It keeps your presence strong among a room full of people. 

My Experience with Red Door Aura

I absolutely love the classic red door design of the bottle. Though it looks a bit pinkish, I still like it. 

My very first sniff was not so overwhelming. It was so so. But I could understand that the smell is much stronger than the Red Door one. 

I applied for it before going to work. Thought it would be something classic like the Red Door, but I was wrong. This is a modern fragrance with a longer and stronger appearance. So, if you haven’t tried it yet just because you’re tried the original one, you should give it a shot.

I’ve found it to be on the sweeter side. The freshness and musky part were there, but the sweet smell part was dominating others. Thus, I think this is wearable on any type of occasion. But before applying for a romantic date, you should be sure that it suits you. It was really great on me, but not similarly great on my sister. 

I think it can be applied throughout the year. For daytime freshness, the Red Door Aura is unbeatable. 

To be honest, I love the durability. It stays with you all day long and during the later hours, the extremely touchy smell of the base note kept me alive. If you want one with more than moderate durability, you should check this out. Similarly, it comes with a moderate sillage to make others feel your presence. 

You won’t have to wear it a lot. As it is a strong fragrance, applying a small amount is enough to keep you fresh throughout the day. 

Overall, my experience with this perfume matched the expectations I had after checking Elizabeth Arden Red Door Aura Review on the internet.

Pick It or Not

If you’re expecting a similar classical fragrance as the Red Door original, the Aura is not for you. It is almost the opposite of that one. So, if you’re not thinking about trying a whole new fragrance, don’t jump to the Aura. 

If you want a fragrance for almost all types of occasions and seasons, this one is one of the most suitable perfumes you can go for. 

Also, the Red Door Aura depends highly on your body chemistry. That’s why it suits me but not my sister. So, be careful a bit while picking.

The strongly feminine fragrance should be your pick if you want others to feel and remember your presence. 

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