Erborian Eau Ginseng Reviews

Erborian Eau Ginseng Review of 2022 – The Ultimate Guide

Having toner in the skincare routine is a blessing, to be honest. It provides moisture to the skin as well as cleanses it without stripping off your natural moisture and protective layer of the skin. Leaving the toning part in your skincare routine might affect the rest sometimes. 

So, when you’re looking for a toner, Eau Ginseng Toner from Erborian is a good choice for you. It protects, smoothens, and moisturizes your skin like nothing else. If you’re already looking for it, that’s great. You’ve chosen the right one for sure. Here in this review, I’ll be telling you why it is the best pick for you.

I’ve used several toners for several purposes. Most of those were great to wear. But I switched to it because I wanted to give it a try. Now I’ll be talking about the result. So, stay tuned.

About Erborian

As a South Korean brand, Erborian develops products that are a mix of tradition and technology. The formulas are made for multitasking because the primary focus of Erborian is decreasing the number of steps in the skincare routine. 

Erborian uses unique and special ingredients to ensure instant results as well as long-term impact. Through thorough research, it knows exactly the specialty of the ingredients. This is what allows the brand to explore the ingredients better.

The journey of Erborian started in 2007. Till now, it has developed some awesome products, and the Eau Ginseng toner is one of those. You can depend on it. 

Erborian Eau Ginseng Review

Erborian Eau Ginseng Review


The focus ingredient of this toner is white ginseng root extract. Besides, it comes with Wild Yam root extract and Licorice root extract. The ginseng root complex in it also includes Kigelia fruit and horsetail plant extract.

This complex is known for smoothing and moisturizing the skin. Besides, it also protects the skin from different environmental and outside effects. 


The toner comes in a red bottle. Inside the bottle, it is a colorless liquid with a thickness like water. The texture is smooth and feels slippery on the skin.


In your skincare routine, you should apply it after the cleanser. It can be used day and night both. 

To apply it, you can use a cotton ball or pad to soak and apply gently around your face and neck. Also, you can simply take a few drops on your fingertips and apply them gently to your facial and neck skin. 

You won’t have to rinse it. Just wait for a few minutes so that it gets absorbed properly in your skin. Then, continue your routine. 


After applying it to my skin, I didn’t have to wait for a long time to see that glow on my skin. It got soaked up easily by the skin. So, almost instantly, it improved the appearance a lot. 

After the cleanser, the skin was a bit dry and it was demanding a moisturizer. Eau Ginseng toner did the job pretty well by providing a huge amount of moisture. 

It was feeling softer and smoother than before too. 

Besides soothing and moisturizing, it is also known for protecting the skin. As I’ve used it in my morning skincare routine, I was eager to see how it protects my skin from daytime disasters. 

In the evening, when I came back home from work, I was expecting a rough and dull skin as every day. But, it was not that dull actually. It was still glowing and feeling smoother compared to the other days. So, I was pretty sure that the ginseng toner has done its job perfectly on the first day.

The Eau Ginseng toner is also known for firming the skin in the long run. So, I also had a bit of expectation about it.

Seeing the performance on the first day, I was pretty sure that it can actually do this. So, I continued using it once every day and it was perfect in its duty. 

I saw a bit of progress in the firmness two weeks later. There was nothing much to improve the firmness of my skin. Within this small scope of improvement, it performed its job. So, I was very amazed.

Overall, this seems to be a great toner that does its job perfectly. So, I am satisfied with its performance. After the test, I included it in my skincare routine and started using it regularly. 

Pick it or not?

If you’re looking for a toner that can instantly improve the appearance of your skin and take care of it in the long run, you should go for it. Compared to many other toners, the price is not so high. So, there is nothing much to criticize about. 

It is worthy of the investment you make for it. So, go for it. 

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