Erno Laszlo Eye Cream Reviews

Erno Laszlo Eye Cream Reviews – [Ultimate Guide of 2022]

When the question is about the reasons you need a separate cream for the area around the eyes, there are a lot of answers. And in the end, you should end up buying an eye cream.

This is specially made specifically for the delicate skin of the area around your eyes. To me, this is the only reason enough to go for an eye cream. 

And when I was looking for an eye cream, I came to know about the Ocuphel Emollient eye cream from Erno Lazlo. I wanted to try this one as I’ve heard a lot about it. 

Picking up Erno Laszlo eye cream was a good decision indeed. Here in this article, I’m going to tell you why I think that. Also, I’m sharing my experience in detail. 

So, stick to me till the end. However, I want to tell you something about the brand Erno Laszlo first. 

About Erno Laszlo

The brand Erno Laszlo started its journey maybe in 1927. I’m saying ‘maybe’ because it was not an official journey of the brand. Dr. Laszlo, the main brain behind such great products from Erno Laszlo started his lab in Budapest in 1927. There he used to develop skincare products to help women get rid of skin issues.

With his groundbreaking skincare innovations, Dr. Laszlo became famous within a few years. His mission was to help women feel confident about their own skin and beauty. 

In this long journey, his brand has done the same. The products with innovative ingredients and formula ensure a long-term positive impact on beauty and skin. That’s exactly why you should depend on the creations of this brand.

Erno Laszlo Eye Cream Review

Erno Laszlo Eye Cream Reviews


One of the most significant elements in this eye cream is sunflower oil. It makes sure that your skin remains moisturized and free from the harmful rays of the sun. Besides, it also fights wrinkles.

Also, the eye cream contains carrot seed oil that fights dry skin and renews it.

It also includes cucumber fruit extract and glycerin that are known for providing moisture to the skin. Besides, these also bind moisture to make sure that the skin’s moisture barrier is strong and durable.


In your skincare routine, you should use this eye cream after the toner. Take a little amount on your fingertips and put spots around your eyes. Then smooth it gently on the skin. Start from the outer corner and move toward the inner corner. You can do vice-versa too. 

For a better result, Erno Laszlo asks to use it every day. Let’s see what the result was after using it every day. 


It comes in a small pump bottle with a black cap. It looks nice.

Inside the bottle, the cream comes with a not-so-thick thickness. It looks like a cream, but a bit thinner than regular creams. The texture is smooth and calming. 

The Result

After getting it in my hands, I used it after the toner in my morning skincare routine. 

Applying for it was very easy. And it was fast to get absorbed in the skin. So, I didn’t have to wait for much to jump to the next step.

However, the first thing I noticed after applying it around my eyes is the amount of hydration and moisture it provides. The skin around my eyes was a bit dry as I didn’t use any eye cream for the specific care of the area. This cream instantly plumped the skin. There was no dryness at all.

I was very happy to see the improvement. However, still, I had to see how long it could retain the moisture. So I waited till the evening. 

In the evening, still, my skin around the eyes was hydrated enough. The dryness I used to see every day was not there. 

I started using it every day to see the best result. There were some wrinkles around the eyes, and sunflower oil is known for fighting wrinkles. So, I wanted it to reduce my wrinkles.

Within two weeks, it started removing small wrinkles around my eyes. The improvement was visible. Also, the puffiness around my eyes started minimizing itself. I wasn’t expecting this. This unwanted pro of the cream gave me enough reason to love the cream.

Within a month, it changed my eye area a lot. I was very happy with the whole performance. So, I decided to continue it in my skincare routine. However, after two months, I started using it on alternate days. There was no big impact because of this change. 

Pick it or not?

Getting rid of the typical issues around your eyes is important and eye cream can help you with that. That’s why picking a good eye cream is important for you.

In my Erno Laszlo eye cream review, you’ve seen that my experience was very good with it. So, asking me whether to buy it or not will take you to the answer- yes. 

Though it is a very expensive cream, it is worth the expenditure. So, give this a try. 

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