Elizabeth Arden Superstart Probiotic Cleanser Review

Elizabeth Arden Superstart Probiotic Cleanser Review

Cleansers come to help you to get rid of different impurities on your skin. So, it is mandatory to have a cleanser in your skincare routine. What if a cleanser does more than that? 

Nowadays, cleansers are developed to ensure some other benefits besides cleansing. There are several reasons behind this. But would you leave a cleanser that does more than cleansing for a cleanser that only removes impurities? 

I guess the answer is – no. People like to get more benefits from a product, even me too. If you’re also someone like me, here I’m introducing a great cleanser for you. 

SUPERSTART Probiotic Cleanser with Whip to Clay Texture from Elizabeth Arden is a cleanser that does a lot more things instead of just cleansing your skin. It soothes and smoothens skin and minimizes pores. 

This is what Elizabeth Arden says. Do you want to know what I’ve experienced? Stay with me.

About Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden is one of the best skin care brands that offer a wide range of makeup, skincare, beauty products, and fragrances. Its vision is to develop beauty from the inside instead of coating a layer of makeup and beauty products on the skin.

With this vision, Elizabeth Arden started this brand. Her original name was Florence Nightingale Graham. She moved to New York City and started working on women’s beauty and skincare through Red Door Salon in 1910. 

In this long journey of more than 110 years, Elizabeth Arden has offered a lot of products. The products from Elizabeth Arden are known mostly for faster and long-term results. Let’s see what happened in the case of SUPERSTART Probiotic Cleanser.

Superstart Probiotic Cleanser Review

Elizabeth Arden Superstart Probiotic Cleanser Review


Pink and Green Clays are the two most important ingredients of this cleanser. These two elements work together to eliminate impurities from the skin. Besides, these unclog the pores and minimize the appearance of large pores.

Glycerin in this cleanser moisturizes your skin and retains existing moisture. Also, it comes with Probiotic Complex. It is known for strengthening the natural barrier of your skin. 


It comes in a tube that is designed with Elizabeth Arden’s premium look- a silver-colored tube with golden letters. 

The cleanser itself is whipped inside the tube, but it turns into a clay texture after application. 


Elizabeth Arden suggests applying an even layer on the screen first. After a minute, have some warm water on your fingertips and massage the layer of the cleanser. It’ll help the cleanser to lather up. After massaging in on your whole face, use clear water to rinse it off. 

Besides your regular cleanser, you can use it for removing makeup too. 

The Result

I was very excited while using this because I know how well the Elizabeth Arden products perform. I used it exactly how it is said on their website. I was satisfied because it didn’t leave my skin dry or irritated after the application. 

Instead of that, my skin was feeling soothed. 

So I decided to add this cleanser to my regular skincare routine and there were signs of improvement. 

As Elizabeth Arden claims that it can be used for removing makeup too, I wanted to check that. So, one day I used it on my regular makeup.

My regular makeup is typically very light. So, it didn’t take too much time or effort to remove it. I used this following the similar steps I follow on regular use. It was fast to remove makeup. However, I had to apply it more compared to the amount I apply in regular cleansing. 

Overall, I was satisfied with its performance in clearing light makeup. 

I also wanted to use it on heavy makeup and I did that too.

In the case of removing heavy makeup, I was effective but I have to use a lot. It was taking time to lather up. Also, to remove the makeup properly, I had to use it twice. The first application removed maximum makeup. But I had to apply it again to remove the residues. So, I was not that satisfied.

My conclusion is- it is a great cleanser that removes particles and impurities from your skin. But as a makeup remover, it could be a bit better.

Pick it or not?

In most cases, the last part is very confusing because picking something depends on a lot of factors. 

If you’re looking for a regular cleanser and the price is not a matter for you, you can go for this one. But if you’re also looking for a makeup remover, this is not the best pick. 

However, for light makeup, it works well. 

From my experience, you’ve already understood the strong and weak points of this cleanser. So, I’m leaving it here in your hand. The decision is yours. 

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