Instyler 7X Hair Dryer Reviews

Instyler 7X Hair Dryer Reviews of 2022 – Step by Step Guide

When you’re in a rush, a hairdryer can save a lot of your time after a shower. You can easily and instantly dry your hair with the help of it and run to your work. But the problem with hairdryers is- it comes with some issues. 

For example- using a hairdryer regularly may frizz your hair. Also, there are scopes of several types of damages. 

I won’t say that some dryers are completely free from these problems. But getting yourself a premium hair dryer can save you from some serious damage. Besides, a premium dryer can give you a comfortable hair drying experience.

I’ve used several hairdryers in my journey of hair care. Among those some were premium and some were not. From the experience, I’m sharing my thoughts about the 7X Hair Dryer from Instyler.

In this Instyler 7X hairdryer review, you’ll know about the dryer and my experience with it. So, stay tuned. Before jumping to the review, I’m willing to say something about Instyler too. 

About Instyler

Instyler is a hair-focused company that introduces styling tools and products in the market. After starting the journey of innovation in 2008, Instyler has introduced more than 24 hot tools for styling, a number of accessories, and several products for your hair. 

Instyler focuses on designing and developing products for all hair types. So, besides the hairdryer, you’ll find many other products and tools suitable for your hair. With an aim of making hair styling easy, reliable, and fun, Instyler has continued its journey of innovation. 

This company owns several patents invented by its experienced innovators. 

nstyler 7X Hairdryer Review

Instyler 7X Hairdryer Reviews


This dryer is white with a black concentrating nozzle at the front. The nozzle is attached to the dryer with a magnet. So, you can easily open or attach it. This black and white appearance gives a feeling of minimalism. 

It seemed to be a bit oversized to me at the first interaction. But handling it was really comfortable because the handle was thinner compared to the body and perfect to grab. 

Also, the weight seemed to be a bit heavier to me. But after using it a few times, I got used to the weight and was not feeling that bad.

With a 9-feet power cord, it allows you to have a binding-free styling option. 

Things It Offers

Frizz in hair is one of the most common issues that happen by using hair dryers regularly. For that, it comes with an Ionic generator that ensures 7X more ions. As a result, your hair remains frizz-free. 

The Tru Heat Technology in it ensures automatic heat adjustment. Also, to adjust the heat, it comes with four different heat settings to switch between. Also, it has an option for a cool shot.

The infinite airflow dial allows you to get the airflow customized according to your requirement. You can also keep it paused easily because it comes with Hands-free Auto Pause mode. Keep it down and it’ll pause automatically. Pick it up and it’ll start again.

Thus this hairdryer makes the overall experience pleasant. 

How To Use

To get smooth and sleek hair, Instyler recommends using this hairdryer according to their direction. 

First, absorb as much water as possible from your hair with the help of your bath towel. You should use a hairdryer as little as possible. So, getting the most water out of your hair is important.

Tune the infinity airflow dial all the way up and dry your hair roughly to get rid of maximum water. Hold it a bit far from the hair. 

Now adjust the heat to your preferred temperature and start drying your hair. Hold it closer to the hair. Lift your hair with your hand so that the airflow can reach the roots.

When the hair is almost dry, turn down the airflow and finish drying. It allows you to get freeze-free hair. 

After drying the hair properly, have a cool shot of air to lock the style. 

My Experience Instyler 7X Hairdryer

My Experience

My hair is thick. So, drying hair even using a hairdryer was tough for me. But after following the Instyler way of hair drying, it became so much easier. 

The best thing about this hairdryer to me is its quietness. It is quiet compared to a lot of dryers. So, I love it. 

Also, the hands-free auto-pause system has blown my mind. I can get my hand free without any help from the other hand. Besides, the airflow controlling dial is another comfortable option for me. 

Overall, I love to use it to get rid of the water from my hair after taking a bath or shower. I’ve used several hairdryers but didn’t find anything comfortable and fast like this. 

However, it costs nearly a hundred and fifty bucks, which is expensive compared to most other hairdryers. I think the price could be kept a bit lower. 

Pick it or not?

If you’re tired of having frizzy hair after using your hairdryer, you can try this. Though it costs way more compared to any regular hair dryer, you’ll get more benefits from it too. My one lasts for a long time and ensures a pleasant experience of using a hairdryer. So, according to me, investing in it won’t be a bad decision. 

Even if spending almost a hundred and fifty bucks for a hair dryer seems to be a bit crazy to you, you should give it a try. 

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