Can You Wear Makeup after a Chemical Peel

Can You Wear Makeup After a Chemical Peel – Ultimate Guide

A chemical peel is a process of healing the skin from a number of problems. As it is a chemical process and takes some time to recover, a common question before going through the process is- can I wear makeup after a chemical peel?

As the process includes chemicals, the question is normal.

I guess you want to have a chemical peel and that’s why you’re here to find out the answer to the same question. 

Well, I can help you with the answer in this article. To find the answer, keep reading. But before that, let’s know a bit about a chemical peel.

What is a Chemical Peel

What is a Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is a process of healing your skin by applying a chemical solution to pull off the outer layer of the skin and bring the inner skin out. The inner skin is brighter and healthier than the outer one. 

So, the result of a chemical peel is clear skin with zero wrinkles, scars, or discoloration. Though it has some risks, a chemical peel is an effective treatment for getting clearer and healthier skin. 

You’ll find three types of chemical peel- light peel, medium peel, and deep peel. A light peel is done to get rid of light wrinkles, uneven skin tone, dryness, etc. In this process, only the outer layer of the skin (epidermis) is peeled off. 

A medium chemical peel removes the epidermis and the outer part of the middle layer of your skin (dermis). It is done to remove dryness, acne scars, and wrinkles. Also, an uneven skin tone can be cured with this.

A deep chemical peel is for removing deeper scars, wrinkles, or precancerous growth. In this process, the peeling process happens in a deeper layer. It needs the maximum level of care during and after the process. 

Can You Wear Makeup after a Chemical Peel

Can You Wear Makeup after a Chemical Peel?

The answer to this question is- to ask your doctor. Depending on the type of peeling process and the impact of chemicals used, the doctor can tell you exactly how long you should stay away from makeup. 

But as you’re here, let me help you with a basic idea of it. This is the basic idea only. You should ask your doctor to be sure about it. 

In the case of light chemical peel

A light chemical peel works on and peels your epidermis only which is the outmost layer of your skin

As a result, your skin heals faster. In most cases, after 24 hours, you can apply makeup to the skin. If you like to stand on the safe side, you can wait for two days. This time is enough for your skin to heal. 

In the cases of medium and deep chemical peel

These two types of peels go deeper and peel off the middle layer of your skin. So, healing takes a lot more time in the case of these two processes. 

In the case of medium chemical peel, I suggest you stay away from makeup for 5-6 days at least. In the case of deep peel, you should keep makeup away from your skin for at least 10-14 days.

The exact duration depends on a lot of factors. 

The chemical used is one of the most common factors that determine the healing period. If strong chemicals are used that have a deep impact on the skin, the healing process takes time. The impact of light chemicals takes less time to heal. 

The healing ability of the skin also has an impact on the healing duration. Some skin can heal faster than others. So, I can’t tell the exact time your skin needs to heal from the chemical peel process. 

This is why it is always suggested to ask your doctor about the estimated healing time. They can make a better prediction. 

Apply Makeup Before Healing

What Happens if You Apply Makeup Before Healing

In the healing period, the outer layer peels off. Besides, the inner layer comes out and gets familiar with the outside environment in this period. If you apply makeup in this period, it affects the process in multiple ways.

If you apply makeup when the skin is peeling, the peeling process will be disturbed. As a result, it’ll take more time. There is a chance that the peeling won’t be effective. 

Also, the new skin that comes out after peeling needs some time to get familiar with the environment. In this period, it should be kept clean. Applying makeup can be irritating as the new skin cells are still sensitive. 

Also, it may cause infection sometimes. The new bare skin might be affected by bacteria from your makeup. This is a big issue in most cases. 

The bare skin can also be irritated or infected by harmful chemicals in your makeup products. 

So, for your safety, you should stay away from using makeup in the healing period.

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Final Verdict

Chemical peel brings the inside skin cells outside to the environment. So, those should be familiar with the environment at first. If you don’t allow the break needed for healing, it won’t help you much. In some cases, the result can be hazardous. 

So, ask your doctor about it and know how long you have to stay away from makeup. If you want to stand in the safe space, you can add a few more days. Also, at first, using natural skin care products keeps you safe and brings a better result. So, try to avoid makeup and apply mild skincare items for a few weeks. 

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