Do You Use Facial Oil before or After Moisturizer

Do You Use Facial Oil before or After Moisturizer – Guides

The debate between ‘facial oil before moisturizer’ and ‘facial oil after moisturizer’ is one of the most common and unsolved debates in the makeup and skincare industry. There are people who use facial oil before moisturizer, some use facial oil after moisturizer, and the rest are confused. 

If I’m not wrong, you’re a part of people who are confused, right? Don’t worry, I was too. But I’ve researched a lot about the factors and then converted to another part.

I use facial oil after applying moisturizer. 

I know that you’re asking for the reasons now. Don’t worry. I’m going to talk about the reasons why I use facial oil after moisturizer. Stay with me.

Do You Use Facial Oil before or After Moisturizer

Reasons I Use Facial Oil after Moisturizer

There is a common rule in the makeup and skincare routine that most of us follow- apply the thinnest product first and the thickest product last. 

People who follow the ‘facial oil before moisturizer’ system show a point here. They say that oil is thinner than a moisturizer. So, it is okay to use oil before the moisturizer. 

But, the fact is- oil is not thinner than a moisturizer. As oil comes in liquid formula and looks thin because of the transparency, people think that it is comparatively thinner. But it is actually heavier and thicker than a moisturizer. So, their reasoning can’t stand at this point. 

This is a reason you should apply facial oil after moisturizer. 

Now they show another point here. 

Some oils are actually thinner than some moisturizers. Jojoba oil, almond oil, and argan oil are some of the thin oils. They suggest using these before moisturizers. 

But there is another fact to keep in mind. 

Your moisturizers are typically water-based products. Because of their nature, water-based products can’t penetrate oil. But oil can penetrate water easily. 

So, when you’re using any oil before your moisturizer, you’re applying the moisturizer on a barrier that it can’t break into. As a result, it can’t ensure any benefit that it actually offers. Besides, as it can’t penetrate your skin, your skin looks greasy from the outside. 

On the other hand, if you use oil after the moisturizer, it can penetrate your skin and deliver you the exact result you want. 

This is another reason that has convinced me to use facial oil after moisturizer. 

Some people ask to mix up facial oil with moisturizer and use it together. Don’t do this mistake.

The reason is- oil and water don’t get mixed up together. So, if you mix your facial oil with moisturizer and then apply it to your face, both these products will be applied unevenly. Your skin will also get an uneven treatment. 

So, stay away from doing it too. But if yours is an oil-based product, you can mix facial oil with it and apply it to your skin.

Don’t stay confused anymore and use your facial oil as the final step of your skincare routine.

Use Facial Oil

What Happens When You Use Facial Oil after Moisturizing?

The perfect way of applying oil after moisturizer is- to apply the moisturizer at first and then apply the facial oil on the skin damp with moisturizer. 

When you do this, the oil helps the moisturizer to penetrate your skin smoothly to ensure proper moisture and nourishment. Besides, it seals the moisturizer so that it can’t be absorbed in the air. 

Oil also adds some extra nourishment to your skin, giving it a longer fresh, and supple look. 

Different facial oil comes with different properties. Some come to deliver nourishment while some others work on improving the skin’s elasticity and removing wrinkles. It penetrates the moisturizer and enters your skin to deliver the expected result. 

But if you use oil before moisturizer, you’ll get the benefit of oil but miss what the moisturizer offers. 

So, don’t make this mistake.

Final Verdict

Here I’ve tried to explain why you should apply facial oil after moisturizer. I guess now you’re not in the team of confused people anymore.

You give a lot of time, effort, and money while selecting a moisturizer. So, don’t turn those into waste by applying facial oil before it. Be wise and nurture your facial skin in the right way. 

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