Does Changing Shampoo Cause Dandruff

Does Changing Shampoo Cause Dandruff – Details Explained

Dandruff is the dead skin flakes on your scalp. This is an irritating element in our hair that we should get rid of. But to get rid of dandruff, at first we should know what causes dandruff on your scalp.

There are multiple reasons behind dandruff buildup. The issue is we don’t exactly know the specific reason that is causing dandruff on our scalp. Also, sometimes, there can be multiple reasons behind dandruff. 

That’s why there are a lot of confusion and misconceptions about the reason behind dandruff build-up. A common concept around us is- changing shampoo causes dandruff. 

Today I’m going to talk about this concept and try to find out its validity. So, if you have a similar question in mind, keep reading. I guess you’ll get your answer. 

The Contribution of Shampoo in Dandruff Build up

The shampoo is formulated to remove excess oil, dirt, and grimes from your hair. So, it doesn’t have any direct relation with dandruff build-up. 

However, there is a condition. You can’t use the shampoo regularly. 

Excess oil, grime, or dirt build-up takes place every 3-4 days. So, you should use the shampoo once every 3-4 days. If you use the shampoo daily, it’ll clear out the necessary oil and leave your scalp dry. A dry scalp is prone to dandruff. 

Also, if you don’t use shampoo regularly, excess oil, dirt, and grime build-up don’t allow the scalp to get enough nutrients. As a result, your scalp will gradually dry up. The result is dandruff buildup. 

So, you can see that regular use of shampoo doesn’t cause dandruff. But if you apply it every day or don’t use it regularly to clean your scalp, there is a huge chance of dandruff buildup. 

What about Changing Shampoo?

If you switch to a similar type of shampoo, the chance of dandruff buildup is very low. The only condition is- you need to use it regularly. 

You can switch to a shampoo that reduces dandruff. In this case, there is a chance that you’ll get rid of dandruff if you pick the right one. These shampoos are made to wash away dandruff and treat your scalp to reduce dandruff buildup. 

The problem happens when you switch to a shampoo that is not suitable for your scalp. You’ll find different types of shampoos depending on the types of scalps. You have to pick the suitable one for your scalp. 

If you switch to the wrong shampoo, there is a huge chance that the pH balance of your scalp will be altered and other issues may occur. As a result of these, your scalp will be either dry or flooded with oil and grime. Both of these are problematic and can cause dandruff. 

So, I think, switching to another shampoo doesn’t cause dandruff if you switch to the right shampoo. A problem happens only when you pick a shampoo that doesn’t go with your scalp. 

You can pick a different shampoo but make sure that your scalp can tolerate it. 

Also, don’t switch shampoo frequently. Doing this confuses your scalp. Frequent change may cause irritation on your scalp. 

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Some Reasons behind Dandruff

Some Reasons behind Dandruff

Some of our daily habits are directly related to dandruff buildup. Also, there are some other external issues too. Let’s see some common reasons behind dandruff.

Fungal Attack

A common reason behind dandruff is fungal attack. When there is excess fungus on your scalp, it causes infection and results in itching and flakes. 

To get rid of a fungus-based dandruff condition, you should see a doctor or dermatologist. They can help you better by checking the condition of your scalp. 

Oily Scalp

An oily scalp can be a reason behind dandruff. When there is excess oil on your scalp, the pH balance of it is hampered. As a result, it becomes itchy and irritated. 

The result of it is dandruff build-up.

Not Using Conditioner

I’ve already talked about not using or overusing shampoo. Similarly, overusing or not using conditioner also causes dandruff. 

Conditioners are made to supply necessary nutrients to our hair. If you don’t use it after shampoo, your hair lacks nutrients. This leads to dryness. 

Also, overusing conditioner overflows your hair and scalp with nutrients. As a result, your hair and scalp can’t take enough moisture from the outside environment. But natural moisture is important. Lack of this may end up in dryness. 

Thus overusing or not using conditioner causes dandruff. 

Not Washing Shampoo or Conditioners Properly

After applying shampoo or conditioner, it should be rinsed properly. In most cases, we do hurry and try to be quick in rinsing. As a result of it, the product stays on your scalp. 

Also, in many ways, our hair care products can get accumulated on our scalp and cause flakes. This causes dandruff. So, you need to clean any product from your hair properly. 

A heavy buildup may cause different serious issues. That’s why to be careful about this. 

Ignoring Scalp Conditions

Irritation or itching in our scalp may end up as dandruff and other issues. So, you shouldn’t ignore any such condition. It is our nature to ignore the warning signs. Doing such leads to dandruff buildup from which you can’t get rid of easily. 

Final Verdict

Changing shampoo doesn’t cause dandruff as long as you’re jumping to the right one. The issue arises when you pick the wrong one for your scalp. So, you should be careful about it. 

If you see dandruff after changing the shampoo, you should switch to the previous one or a dandruff-reducing shampoo. It is better to talk to dermatologists first. They can suggest a shampoo that can help you with the issue. 

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