Does Lice Shampoo Ruin Dyed Hair

Does Lice Shampoo Ruin Dyed Hair – The Ultimate Guide

Lice problems are a big problem for your hair. It causes itching, dryness, soreness, and irritation on the scalp. Besides, it gives an uncomfortable feeling that something is moving on your scalp. On top of that, lice can easily spread to the scalps of others. 

So, you must get rid of lice. Lice shampoo is a good way to remove lice from your hair. It kills and washes away lice and gives you a comfortable and clean scalp. 

But the problem with using lice shampoo is it can mess with your scalp and hair too. So, people with colored hair have a great concern about using lice shampoo as there is a risk of ruining the color. 

Here in this article, I’m discussing details about this. So, if you want to know, stay tuned. 

What is Lice Shampoo

What is Lice Shampoo?

Lice shampoo is a type of shampoo that is used to kill and wash away lice and nits from your scalp. It contains strong ingredients like Permethrin, Piperonyl Butoxide, Pyrethrin, etc. These ingredients break into the hard shell of lice and kill those. 

Because of the presence of these harsh ingredients, lice shampoos are very harsh. That’s why these should be used carefully as prescribed. 

Does Lice Shampoo Ruin Dyed Hair?

Different lice shampoo comes with different amounts of ingredients. So, giving an answer to this question is a bit tough. 

Typically, the ingredients that are used in a lice shampoo are very harsh and harmful to your hair color. If you apply lice shampoo on dyed hair, there is a chance that it’ll ruin the color instantly. Even if it doesn’t, it’ll reduce the durability of the color drastically. The harsh ingredients rip off the color from your hair strands.

Some lice shampoos are said to not be harmful to your hair color. But I suggest not depending on that. 

If you want to test it first, you can apply some shampoo to a small part of your hair. If you see no change in color or don’t face any other issue, you can apply it properly. 

But, regular use of a lice shampoo may ruin or reduce the durability of your hair color. 

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lice shampoo ruins your hair

What to Do?

As lice shampoo ruins your hair color, you should use the shampoo and complete the course before getting your hair dyed. But if you’ve already dyed hair believing that hair dye will kill the lice, you’ll have to find an alternative way. 

(N.B- Hair dye may kill lice, but it can’t do anything to the nits or lice eggs. Thus, your scalp will be full of lice within a few days again.)

Let’s check some alternatives that can help you to keep your hair color for a few more days.

Using Home Remedies

You can use some home remedies to kill lice in your head. Oils like tea tree oil, coconut oil, anise oil, olive oil, etc. can help you to get rid of lice. These oils typically coat lice and create suffocation. Among those, anise oil and olive oil work great. Petroleum jelly works similarly too. 

Also, you can use mayonnaise on your scalp to get rid of lice. It smoothers lice. So, you can easily comb and wash off lice from the head. 

Talking to a De-lousing Service

De-lousing service is a way to get rid of lice without running to a doctor or using lice shampoos. This is not as harsh as the shampoos. As a result, your hair color remains safe. 

So, look for a trusted de-lousing service near you. Also, you can look for recommendations from people around you. 

Using a Lice Comb

A lice comb can be a temporary solution for getting rid of lice. It combs out lice from your hair and scalp. Also, it is effective to comb out nits, and sometimes lice eggs too. 

So, you can use the comb until the next hair dye session. Before applying the dye, use a lice shampoo to get rid of these. Once your hair is clean, you can go for the dye. 

Final Verdict

Harsh elements in lice shampoo rip off the color from your hair. So, you should go for an alternative way. I’ve talked about a few alternatives. You can choose any of these depending on what seems easier to you. 

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