How To Apply Serum on Face at Night

How To Apply Serum on Face at Night – Step by Step Guide

You may use night serum as a portion of your skincare routine. Applying for serum benefits your skin in many ways. But to get the benefit, you’ll have to pick the right serum and apply it properly. 

As your question is about applying a night serum, let’s talk about this at first. 

Applying a night serum is not different from the process of applying a day serum. You’ll have to go through similar steps. Let me describe the steps for you. 

How To Apply Serum on Face at Night?

Step 1- Wash and Exfoliate Your Face

To get the best benefit from serum, you should apply it to a clean skin surface. So, the first step of applying the serum is washing your face and exfoliating it to make a clean surface for the serum. 

Use a face wash that goes with your skin. Rinse your skin with clean water properly, apply the face wash, massage it over all the parts of your face, and rinse it fully with clean water. Take a soft towel and rub out water from your face. Now your face is ready for the serum.

Step 2- Apply the Serum on Your Face

To apply the serum, you need to take it in your hand. The process of applying depends on its thickness. 

In the case of thin serum, take a drop of serum on your fingertips and rub it on one cheek. Start from the middle and go wider gradually. Take another drop for the other cheek and do the same. Thus, for each section of your face, take a drop of serum and rub it gently on your skin. 

In the case of thick serum, this step is a bit different. First, take 3-5 drops of serum on your palm. Then rub your palms together. This will make the serum warm and distribute it equally on both palms. Then gently rub your palms on your face. Make sure that you’re rubbing on each part of your face. Tap gently so that the serum gets in tough to the skin properly.

Step 3- Make Sure that the Serum is Absorbed

Now it is time to ensure that the skin has absorbed the serum. For this, tap your fingertips gently on your face. Don’t be rough on your skin. Continue tapping for at least a minute. 

Doing this helps the serum to get absorbed deeply into the skin. 

Step 4- Apply a Moisturizer

After tapping for a minute, wait a bit before proceeding to the next step- applying moisturizer. Moisturizer seals the serum in your skin. As a result, your skin gets the maximum benefit of using it. 

Take a small amount of moisturizer and apply it all around your face. Gently rub it so that your skin doesn’t get hurt. 

This is the right process of using a serum before going to bed at night. Applying serum in this way heals faster and ensures better benefits. 

Some Tips for Applying Face Serum to Your Skin

Following the process above will surely bring a good result, but there are some hidden tips too. You can use those tips while putting a serum on your face. Here, I’m going to share some tips on applying face serum.

The Lesser the Better

In the case of face serum, applying a lower amount ensures a better result. The serum comes with strong ingredients that can irritate your skin if you overuse it. So, for receiving a better result, you should use it precisely. Don’t over-apply the serum. This might reverse the impact.

Apply to Damp Skin, but

After washing your face skin, don’t make it fully dry before applying the serum. Use the clan and soft towel to wipe the water, but make sure that the skin is damp a bit. Applying serum on damp skin ensures easier and better penetration. 

In the case of sensitive skin, the issue is different. Allow the skin to dry up first before applying the serum. When the skin is sensitive, damp skin slows down the penetration of serum. It results in irritation. 

Use Normal Water to Wash Face

While washing your face before applying the serum, make sure that you’re washing your face with normal water. If you use warm water, it may make your face sweat. Seating restricts the absorption of the serum. 

On the other hand, if you use cold water to clean your face, it closes the pores of your skin. This also blocks the serum from delivering you the proper benefits. 

Don’t Go for Moisturizers First

You may think of using moisturizers before serum. If you think so, leave it immediately. A function of moisturizers is sealing the skincare products that are used before it. So, basically, it builds a barrier on your skin. If you go for using a serum on moisturizer, it can’t penetrate your skin. 

The same goes if you use face oil before serum. 

The application of serum requires clean skin where it can penetrate easily. Any layer on your skin, let it be dirt or moisturizer, doesn’t allow your serum to work properly. So, don’t apply anything before you put the serum on your face. 

Final Verdict

Serum comes with a lot of benefits for your skin. So, using it properly is important. I’ve talked about the process of applying serum at night and some tips to avoid issues. I guess these will help you to get the best out of your night serum. 

Also, picking up the right serum is important. If you don’t get the right serum for you, you won’t get the expected benefits. You can follow a guide for picking up the best serum for you. 

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